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News from the Department of Journalism and Communication

Open Day in January: Creative lectures, personal advice and new contacts

What should I study and which form of study suits me best? Prospective students found answers to these questions last Saturday at the Open Days at all three HMKW locations in Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt. Exciting trial lectures and presentations, as well as TV studio and campus tours, gave them the opportunity to get a personal impression of studying at HMKW.

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How to turn Storytelling into Storycaring

This week Managing Director Healthcare of the communications firm "Edelman Germany" Nils Giese visited us at HMKW Frankfurt. He gave an understanding of the trending topic "Storytelling and Storycaring" and deepend it with practical exercises.

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Lecture series: "Crisis Yoda" visits from the USA

Screenshot of Prof. Timothy Coombs during his online lecture at HMKW.

Crisis and crisis communication as an object of research: This is the subject of the internationally renowned U.S. communication scientist Prof. Dr. Timothy Coombs. As part of the HMKW lecture series about the topic of transformation, he provided insights into his field of research. The PR professor's online lecture captivated more than 130 students and lecturers.

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