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Benefit from our dedication and expertise! HMKW University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Management was founded by an experienced team of Higher Education professionals in 2008. HMKW is a private, state-approved university with institutional accreditation by the German Council of Science and Humanities. All of its degree programs are additionally accredited by FIBAA (international agency for quality assurance in higher education). HMKW is active at three locations across Germany: in Berlin, Cologne and in Frankfurt (Main).

Our professors and lecturers will support you actively during your studies and will help set you off into a successful career. Your success is of great importance to us. Our degree programs are demanding but always rewarding.

The greatest challenge when leaving university and entering the job market is the lack of practical experience. At HMKW, we place great emphasis on work experience and practical experience to prepare graduates for successful careers. In our teaching, we combine a solid academic education with various real-life projects. We cooperate with various institutions and business partners in industry to complement the academic curriculum with real tasks and projects. Regular project weeks with renowned partners such as Sony, Deutsche Welle or ZDF are part of this strategy. Work by our students can be seen online, on TV and heard on the radio. 

Our lectures will provide you with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. When graduating from HMKW, you will have gained a large range of competencies, giving you a definite advantage in the job market.

Our classic Bachelor degree programs can be completed in six semesters. Alternatively, you can choose a cooperative BA-study program (Duales Studium) which will take seven semesters to complete. This mode of study includes both an apprenticeship and a university degree. In either case, you will be proud of your hard work and success. Our Master programs, taught in English at our Berlin and Frankfurt campus, continue the successful approach and high standards of our undergraduate degrees. Full-time, they can be completed in four semesters, part-time in at least five semesters.

HMKW takes part in ERASMUS programs and supports student exchanges as well as collaboration with students and universities in Europe and worldwide. Our network of partner universities is continually expanding.  Also, corresponding to HMKW's efforts to strengthen its international network, HMKW is part of the European university network ADE since summer 2020.

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All current study programs are accredited by FIBAA or are in the process of accreditation. FIBAA is an internationally oriented European foundation for quality assurance and development in scientific education. Thus, the quality of the courses offered and the degree are internationally recognized.


The HMKW University of Media, Communication and Business is state-recognized and institutionally accredited by the Wissenschaftsrat (German Council of Science and Humanities).

CHE University Ranking

Business Psychology in the CHE University Ranking
: HMKW Berlin once again occupies top positions in the criteria of contact with professional practice and support at the beginning of studies.
2020/21: In several categories, the course at HMKW Berlin is among the best of all the universities evaluated. Above all, the particularly good contact with professional practice and the support of students at the beginning of their studies are emphasized.

THE - Europe Teaching Survey 2020

In 2020, HMKW took part in the renowned Europe Teaching Survey for the first time. The independent organization Times Higher Education (THE) in London conducts the international survey once a year at universities throughout Europe. HMKW scored above average in the representative survey in such important areas as interaction with teachers, collaborative learning, stimulation of critical thinking, acquisition of job-relevant skills, application of knowledge in professional practice, and many other topics.

Art Directors Club for Germany

The Art Directors Club for Germany (ADC) published its annual university ranking in 2022, which lists the most successful design universities. HMKW's Design Department leads the ADC Creative Ranking of Berlin's design universities in 2021.

Studycheck: Digital Readiness

The StudyCheck Digital Readiness Ranking provides an insight into students' satisfaction with the digitalization of their university. The ongoing Digital Readiness Live Ranking incorporates all of the testimonials published on that include a rating for the criterion "digital studying". Our students currently rate digital learning at HMKW with an average of 4 out of 5 stars (as of 08/26/2022).

In the light of recent events:

As an internationally networked institution of higher education with an explicitly inclusive, anti-discriminatory mission statement recognizing self-determination, mutual respect for one another, as well as democracy as supreme values, HMKW strongly condemns the Russian government's aggression in Ukraine. This aggression is a direct war, not only against the people and territory of Ukraine, but a war on Ukraine’s democratic system and the pluralistic values shared by us. The values of HMKW are supported and embodied not only institutionally, but also individually. We thank all HMKW members, whether they engage as organized groups on behalf of HMKW or individually and privately, for their engagement in the context of the ongoing war in the Ukraine, as well as for other efforts and activities, which demonstrate that our values are indeed alive and well.

Stay alert, get involved and stand up for our shared beliefs in self-determination, mutual respect and a peaceful coexistence of all peoples.

As a university of media studies, we also take great interest in the life-threatening working conditions journalists face while reporting from a war zone. Additionally, we are observing with growing concern the disastrous developments that are taking place in Russia with regard to the freedom of information, freedom of the press and freedom of opinion, and censorship. There are special fund-raising campaigns that have started here and that have been supported by HMKW members as well as by HMKW as an institution.

Even though this message has already been sent to all HMKW students and even after we have addressed our students of Ukrainian origin, we would like to repeat the initial message of our university management shortly after the beginning of the aggression by the Russian government in violation of international law:

Ultimately, we are not interested in nationalities, but in people. No matter your origin, creed or color, we regard everyone as an individual with inherent human rights. Therefore, if you should be personally affected - if you have relatives who are touched by the current acts of war or if you are experiencing a conflict of interest in whatever form due to personal affects of the war - please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we will do everything in our power to support you.

Your university and branch managers

Martin Beckenkamp, Eva Eick, Ronald Freytag, Wolfgang Kothen, Klaus-Dieter Schulz

February 26, 2023

While Crimea and eastern Ukraine have suffered from warlike actions since 2014, the full-fledged war which Russia started one year ago reached an even more incomprehensible level of escalation. Russia's aggression against Ukraine violates international law and has caused countless victims. Even if we are not directly affected, we nevertheless share the desperate sense of injustice and senselessness of this war, and the misery it has caused.

On the anniversary of Russia's large-scale attack against Ukraine this week, we would like to remind us of the importance of supporting and encouraging one another in the fight against these crimes. It is wonderful to experience the humanitarian commitment of our students and staff. 

Right on the anniversary of the brutal war, we received encouraging news from the school in Otchakiv, close to the Russian front, which received a generator as a donation from members of our staff. The principal Olga Aleksandrovna reported in a telephone conversation with Prof. Dr. Ronald Freytag (translated live by PRDM student Anastasia Svets from Berlin) that even many local residents are spending the night in the school because there is now electricity, unlike in many destroyed and damaged houses in this city in southeastern Ukraine. A small but important sign of hope.

This commitment must not let up. Neither for Ukraine, nor for other regions affected by aggression and war, or by natural disasters like the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

We were provided with the following pictures by Yuriy from the association "Ukrainehilfe Salchendorf", which is engaged with the greatest commitment for the mediation and delivery of donations such as our privately donated generator. Our heartfelt thanks for this immensely important work!