International Students Testimonies

Career start as People Communication Manager

Alejandra Mosquera, graduate of the M.A. International Marketing and Media Management (Photo: Markus Altmann)

What makes an attractive employer brand? And how can you achieve it? As People Communication Manager, Alejandra Mosquera deals with these and other questions relating to the field of employer branding. In this interview, she tells us more about her successful career start and the biggest challenges she faced during her studies at HMKW.

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Kathleen's dream semester in Norway

Kathleen Laux (B.A. Journalism and Corporate Communications) spent an unforgettable semester abroad at the Erasmus partner university in Volda, Norway.

Whether it's the impressive landscapes, exciting activities with other international students or the well-equipped host university: When Kathleen Laux thinks back to her semester abroad in Volda, Norway, she can't help but daydream. Why she also highly recommends an Erasmus semester to all HMKW students, she explains here.

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"I want to change large organizations in the spirit of the age"

The combination of studies in psychology, media and business brought alumnus Benedikt Hüsch (B.Sc. Media and Business Psychology) to HMKW in Cologne. After his studies, he joined the management consultancy Ernst&Young - in addition to his freelance work as a systemic coach. In this interview, he tells us more about his career and his goals for the future.

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Connecting with international students at Coventry University

HMKW student Kristin Hessel (second from the right) with fellow students

Kristin Hessel (B.Sc. Media and Business Psychology at HMKW Cologne) was looking for a new challenge: She spent the last winter semester at Coventry University, an Erasmus partner university of HMKW. Here she tells us about exciting experiences, encounters with international students and how her semester abroad helped her in both personal and professional terms.

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