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The 2-year consecutive Master’s program M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing enables to work professionally in a broad range of new communication fields, which emerge through the digital trans­forma­tion process of our society and culture. The dynamic progress of media technology has led to a fundamental change of the knowledge and skills which is necessary to compete especially in communication and media-oriented job markets and professional environments.

New areas of interplay between public relations, corporate communication and marketing arise, whose professions often don’t have any names yet: social media editor, influencer, YouTuber, Instagrammer, etc. The study program prepares you exactly for these vocations of the future, with a special focus on application-oriented research and professional usage of digital communication techniques in so called social media, embedded into integrated marketing and corporate communication strategies.

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Student Testimonial

"I was looking for a program that could combine both creative and analytical elements, a program that could really push me further professionally. HMKW really stood out from the other options, it was a combination of a great program in one of the most interesting cities."
Jesuina Januario

Study program

The Master's program M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing can be studied in English at the Berlin Campus (M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing) and in German at HMKW in Cologne.

Regardless of the teaching language of the respective program, master's theses at HMKW can generally be written in German or English. For examinations, this rule only applies by individual agreement and requires the consent of the lecturer of the respective module.

Applicants: Graduates of an undergraduate degree (Bachelor, Diplom, Magister) in a communication, media or marketing related subject. 

In cases where the knowledge acquired in the course of a Bachelor's degree is not sufficient as a prerequisite for a PRDM Master's program, HMKW offers a special solution: In a semester preceding the Master's program, basic knowledge from up to three of our Bachelor's seminar offerings can be acquired. Master's students receive a special rate for taking these modules and can then begin the four-semester PRDM program. Already during the preceding additional semester, in addition to the basic modules from our Bachelor's program, a first Master's elective can be taken.

Target jobs: Career options lie in the broad field of PR, corporate communications and marketing, in communications agencies and corporate departments as a communications and public relations officer, PR and marketing officer or manager.

  • A good to very good degree in one of the above-mentioned fields (university or university of applied sciences)
  • University-internal selection process

Further information on admission requirements

General Modules: Optional subjects e.g. Media Law, Media Asset Management, Media Production, Intercultural Management, Media Psychology

Specific Modules e.g.: Methodology subjects (e.g. Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Decision Making and Behavioral Finance), subjects on Public Relations (e.g. PR Theories & Models, Strategic Communication, PR Labs about guerilla campaigning and viral communication), subjects on Digital Marketing (e.g. Online Marketing Communication, Classical Marketing Communication)

The Master's program M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing at HMKW is state-approved by the Berlin Senate Administration.

In addition, the program is accredited and certified by the FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation). The program thus meets the highest international academic quality standards.

Information material

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Learning outcomes:

A high level of proficiency in communication and promotion via new and classical pr and marketing channels

TypeFull-time: 4 semesters (24 months)
DegreeMaster of Arts (M.A.)
LocationBerlin, Cologne, Frankfurt a.M.


German (Campus Cologne: M.A. Public Relations und Digitales Marketing), English (Campus Berlin, Frankfurt a. M.)

(Written work can be submitted in either language of choice)

Tuition feesFull-time: 695,- € monthly


Winter term (October); Summer term (April)

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Why you should study at HMKW:

⚡ accredited and state-approved

⚡ practical

⚡ modern & creative space

⚡ inspiring international environment

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