"My studies at HMKW were an amazing opportunity for me to gain practical experience and learn."

Digital marketing is Ayesha Samia's great passion. She already knows that she wants to get started in this field after graduation (currently: M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing). She is currently gaining valuable practical experience as a working student at the digital marketing agency Crealytics. In the interview, we asked her about her work, her favorite courses and projects, and her goals for the future.

What comes to mind when you think about your studies at HMKW?

The studies at HMKW have enabled me to realize my full potential. The studies here gave me experiences along with opportunities in the real word in regards to my career. My studies at HMKW were an amazing opportunity for me to gain practical experience and learn. Especially by working with open minded and interesting individuals from many different backgrounds with interesting perspectives.

Why did you decide to study “M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing”? And what made you choose HMKW Berlin?

After working at a digital marketing agency, I knew I wanted to complete a master’s degree in the same field, while researching for universities. HMKW had everything I was looking for, and more. I knew I wanted to be in an international city, and this couldn’t have been more perfect!

Did you get any work experiences prior to your master’s degree that you would like to share with us?

I did have some prior work experience. The most exciting was with BBC breakfast in the United Kingdom, where I got to experience an insight into the media industry and how it is run from the inside. I got to see how their digital marketing department is operated, and how everything is organized! It was all quite interesting to see.

You are currently working at Crealytics, a digital marketing agency based in Berlin. Please tell us more about your work: What do you like most about your current job position? What is your biggest challenge?

It’s thrilling to have a look into the digital side of the marketing world from within, and see how an agency focusing on SEA works. As someone who hadn’t seen the inner workings of an SEA campaign, it’s great that I have now learned all about it! Looking at ads online now stand out in a way they never have before to me! The best thing about my work is that Crealytics provides me with many workshops and trainings about challenging new tools and processes. Through which I gained a lot of knowledge. I am still continuing to learn everyday, and I appreciate that I can approach anyone within the organization when I have any questions or queries. They are all extremely helpful.

The biggest challenge I face at the moment is (like many) working from home due to the pandemic. I enjoyed working from the office alongside my colleagues. It is definitely not the same working from home. Sometimes, it is difficult to stay motivated.


Which seminar did you like the most so far?

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar "Strategic Communication". In the seminar we had to create a strategic communication campaign for a Fintech organization based in Berlin. It gave us a lot of first hand experience on how to think strategically and we got an opportunity to present that to the company itself! It was insightful to get their feedback and understand what the priorities are for real-life businesses, when it comes to these kinds of campaigns.

What was your favorite project during your studies?

My favorite project was in my first semester, where we had to create a pitch presentation. It was one of our first projects. We conceptualized a marketing campaign for a new brand and product - “The Period Cup”, we created a company that was revolutionary and groundbreaking. We worked really hard on it, and it paid off as we got a great grade at the end of it.

What is it like to live in Berlin? Was it easy for you to settle in? Would you like to stay?

Living in an international city has its pros and cons, but definitely the pros outweigh the cons. It is astounding to live in a city with so much history and so much happening, everyone has a place in Berlin. I really felt at home here, and if I get the opportunity I would love to stay!

Living in Berlin is amazing. What I love about the city is that it feels like a central hub of so many people, from all over the world. We have people here from every walk of life, every culture and there’s so much to learn from.

What are your plans for the future?

I really want to master my field, and work in Digital Marketing. Right now, I work in the more ‘numbers’ oriented side of marketing, after I have enough experience I would like to venture into the more creative side of marketing. I want to apply all my learning from university into real working experience. The biggest challenge was deciding what direction to take the master’s and in what area of marketing you want to specialize in the future. You want something relevant and applicable, but you also need to make sure that it is something you’re really passionate about.

Which characteristics should students have that want to study „M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing “?

They need to be open to new challenges, and be willing to learn. As there are a lot of opportunities that HMKW provides, they just have to be willing to take them.

Thank you very much for the interview. We wish you all the best for your future and your career start.