Erasmus+ GAMIFY project reaches final stage

This year marks the third and final stage of the Erasmus+ GAMFY project led by HMKW in cooperation with Complutense University Madrid, Design School Kolding and HHL Leipzig. Recently, our colleagues Prof. Henning Breuer and Kiril Ivanov took part in presenting the latest outcomes of the project in the 32nd edition of the ISPIM conference, which was a virtual event hosted in Berlin. 

The first day of the conference started with a presentation from Dr. Sandra Dijk and Prof. Dr. Claudia Lehmann from HHL Leipzig who talked about the different obstacles that hamper the implementation of gamification in organizations. They presented a comprehensive canvas that puts in a nutshell all the major obstacles found in the wealth of data that was collected during GAMIFY. Guiding questions help those who want to make use of gamification in their companies to detect and avoid the hidden pitfalls that can put their efforts to no avail.

On the second day, Kiril Ivanov and Prof. Breuer went on to present their paper on how to use ‘Design Patterns to Teach and Learn about Gamification for Innovation’. The full collection of 36 design patterns will soon be available to support teachers, coaches, learners, innovation managers and game developers in advancing their skills for game and gamification design for innovation. This will be one of the key outcomes from GAMIFY and there were several positive comments from the conference participants about the value-add potentials that the pattern collection will offer.

In the third and last conference day, Kiril Ivanov ad Prof. Breuer launched the GAMIFY continuous professional development course which is designed to introduce innovation practitioners and trainers into the realm of gamification. The course utilizes the design patterns and a practice-oriented learning approach to involve its participants in designing games and game like formats that respond to real innovation challenges.