M.A. Communication Design and Creative Strategies

The M.A. Communication Design and Creative Strategies is a future-proof program. It provides key competencies expected from creative heads in management positions, focusing on aesthetic production in advertising, marketing and visual communication. The aim is to master the entire design-oriented process of value creation both in theory and practice.


Why you should study at HMKW:

⚡ accredited and state-approved

⚡ practical

⚡ modern & creative space

⚡ inspiring international environment

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Student Testimonials

„I can trust my judgement on design decisions, follow the guidelines set by our internal design team, and create and present my own designs for web projects thanks to my experiences in the Communication Design course. I think about user experience and use design thinking as part of my work on the web daily.“
Kathryn Lawrence

„The most important thing I liked the most during my studies at HMKW was the lectures about branding, creative strategies, and design management, which gave me a new perspective on visual designs since my previous education background was mainly about fine art and the artistry aspect of designs.“
Farzin Foroutan



Integration of theory and practice of design:

  • latest developments in research and analysis of design and creativity
  • practical work and art direction projects

Learning outcomes:

The ability to carry out the roles and responsibilities associated with the position of Art Director and other management positions held by creative talents, within the framework of the ever-increasing convergence of print, online, broadcast and mobile media.

TypeFull-time or part-time
DegreeMaster of Arts (M.A.)
LocationBerlin, Cologne, Frankfurt a. M.


German (Campus Cologne), English (Campus Berlin, Campus Frankfurt a. M.)

(Written work can be submitted in either language of choice)

Tuition feesFull-time: 695,- € monthly | Part-time: on request only


Full-time: 4 semesters | Part-time: 6 semesters

Information material

Information flyer (pdf)

Ideal candidates

Applicants: Graduates of creative study programs, especially those who majored in design or fine arts
Target jobs: Designer (self-employed or in employment), Art Director, Communications Designer, Creative Director


General modules: Media Law, Media Asset Management, Media Psychology, Intercultural Management

Specific modules e.g.: Critical & Creative Thinking, Design & Social Research, Creative Design Processes, Advertising Technology, Design Management, Creative Leadership

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Student Testimonials

Graduate Luisa Barbero talks here about her experience as a freelance designer and video editor.

Tobias Huber started his own business as a graphic designer directly after completing his studies at HMKW (B.A. Graphic Design and Visual Communication and M.A. Communication Design).

Kathryn Lawrence studied M.A. Communication Design. Now she is working as Junior Frontend Developer.

Melina Mavromichali and Christy Ioannidou did their bachelor's degree in Greece and came to HMKW Berlin for the master's degree in Communication Design.

How to apply

Please use our Online Application form and attach a PDF of your portfolio.

Please include in your portfolio:
– a title page (“cover”),
– your cv,
– a very brief summary of the written part of your Bachelor thesis (if available),
– motivation letter (max. 250 words),
– min. three comprehensive graphic design works created by you (or with a clearly indicated contribution from you),
– including a description of the work,
– and a documentation of the design process.

(all bundled in a multipage PDF)

Entry requirements 

  • A good or very good degree in design, fine arts or equivalent degree (university or university of applied sciences)

  • plus internal assessment process

Please note: After your matriculation, we offer you a refund of the uni-assist fee in the amount of 75€ if you submit the original receipt to HMKW.

Further information


Jon M. Gerdes

Head of Study Advisory


+49 (0)30 / 4677693 - 36

study-berlin (at) hmkw.de

John Boerop

Head of Study Advisory Cologne


Phone: +49 (0)221 / 22 21 39 - 33

study-cologne (at) hmkw.de

Ellen Walliser

Head of Study Advisory Frankfurt


Phone: +49 (0)69 / 50 50 253 - 93

studienberatung-frankfurt (at) hmkw.de


The program is government-approved and accredited by FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation), Bonn/Vienna/Zurich.