Guest Lecture Series “New PR Trends”

This winter semester (2020/2021), third semester students of the Master's program in Public Relations and Digital Marketing (PRDM) will learn about exciting current trends in the field of PR and Digital Marketing as part of their module “New Trends in PR” with Prof. Dr. Kim Murphy from the Department of Journalism and Communications.

In order to get critical industry insights into these trends, Prof. Murphy has organised a special Guest Lecture Series involving a special workshop and numerous lectures by industry experts from Zalando, TikTok, Deutsche Telekom and Mashup Communications. As part of this lecture series, PRDM students are also being given the opportunity to moderate and interview our guests.

01.12. | 09:00 – 10:30 Uhr | Guest Workshop

  • Professor Cristina Perez, University of Malaga
  • Topic: “Visual analysis & the analysis of social media content”


Previously Cristina Pérez-Ordóñez developed her professional work in different local, regional and national media. Later, she was responsible for communication and marketing in different companies and institutions, related to the field of health and social innovation. As an independent trainer and consultant, she has worked for various public and private institutions in the field of communication, marketing, advertising, online marketing and social innovation. She has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism and a Master's degree in Strategic Management and Innovation in Communication. Currently her research is focused on the music industry, visual analysis, urban art and educational innovation.

Guest Lectures

24.11. | 09:00 – 10:30 Uhr | Nora Feist (CEO) & Julia Beyer (Senior Consultant PR & Brand Strategist), Mashup Communications

  • Topic: “The Rise of Digital Storytelling in PR”
  • Discussion moderation by: Maria Purtscher & Maireen Maldonado Diaz (PRDM)

PR and Brand Storytelling Expert Nora Feist has been managing director of Mashup Communications (, the Berlin agency for PR and Brand Storytelling, together with Miriam Rupp for ten years now. As their HR director, she focuses on Employer Branding and makes sure that every member of the team is a great match. In addition, the well-experienced communication expert plans and coordinates lectures for conferences, panels and branch meetings as well as internal workshops for businesses. Following the philosophy “We love to tell new stories”, she and her interdisciplinary team of 20 storytellers at Mashup Communications find hidden potentials in and around organizations to tell their brand stories.


01.12. | 11:00 – 12:00 Uhr | Lisa Girard (Consumer Communication Specialist), TikTok

  • Topic: “TikTok as a New Advertising and Marketing Platform for Brands”
  • Discussion moderation by: Bryan Knoell & Ayesha Samia (PRDM)

Lisa Girard, Consumer Communication Specialist, joined the TikTok communications team in May 2020 as Consumer Communications Specialist for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. She is committed to using strategic communication to move people and is enthusiastic about the many forms of modern learning and working. In her role she supports the team with her consumer communications expertise in B2C campaigns, creator relations as well as lifestyle and music media relations.


08.12. | 09:00 – 10:30 Uhr | Stephanie Tönjes (Corporate Communications), Deutsche Telekom & Personal Branding Expert

  • Topic: “Corporate Influencers and Personal Branding”
  • Discussion moderation by: Payal Rathod & Mashal Usman (PRDM)

Stephanie Tönjes is a Communications Expert and has been working in Corporate Communications at Deutsche Telekom for more than ten years. She's deeply passionate about digitization and everything that goes with it. New channels, new media: she's always been an early adopter and tries everything. In addition, she deals intensively with personal branding and helps people to develop targeted visibility in digital space. In her free time, she works as an ambassador for Global Digital Women - the leading network for women in the digital industry.


15.12. | 09:00 - 10:30 Uhr | Dr. Stefano Balestra (Director of Marketing Strategy & Operations) & Anna Meyfarth (Marketing Lead of Collabary), Zalando Marketing Services

  • Topic: “Collabary: A Platform Matching Brands & Influencers”
  • Discussion moderation by: Herminia Álvarez Sánchez & Julia Harz (PRDM)

Stefano Balestra is Director of Marketing Strategy & Operations at Zalando Marketing Services (ZMS). Combining insights, creative and media teams under one umbrella, the marketing strategy  and operations unit focuses on delivering outstanding client success, by developing truly holistic and integrated marketing strategies for our brand partners across the whole customer journey. Before joining Zalando in 2013, Stefano worked at McKinsey & Company and founded an online marketplace for art-enthusiasts. Stefano holds a PhD in Marketing from University of Zurich.


Anna Meyfarth, Marketing Lead Collabary at Zalando Marketing Services (ZMS)

Anna is responsible for brand and marketing communication at Collabary, the influencer marketing platform of Zalando Marketing Service. She has been in the influencer marketing industry for more than 5 years, understanding both the brands’ and content creators’ perspective.