Brands as the new activists: authentic activism or woke washing?

Di, 08.02.2022, 13-14 Uhr

Probevorlesung M.A. Public Relations und Digitales Marketing mit Prof. Dr. Kim Murphy

Online via Zoom

This short lecture will give a brief insight into one of the biggest trends in corporate communications in recent years, that is, brand activism. More and more brands, such as, Nike, Starbucks and Gillette have started to take an overt political stance in their marketing campaigns on a range of important political and social issues from racism, to climate change, to gay marriage, to the refugee crisis, and gender equality. Then there are brands that have incorporated activism into their mission from day one, way before brand activism was even a term, such as, Ben & Jerry's and Patagonia. In this lecture, we will discuss some of the most interesting case studies on this topic in recent years and look at just how authentic corporate activism really is.

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