Department of Journalism and Communication Teaching Staff

Philipp Müller-Dorn

Lecturer Campus Berlin

M.A. Digital Journalism



  • Module Media Production

Short CV

1994 “Kissing the Muse” 20 min. short film, Director & Editor für Laterna Entertainment, New York

1995 – 1997 Lecturer at the New York Film Academy for Screenwriting & Editing

1996 “Six Dollars and One Sense” Film, 45 min, DP & Editor for Jeckboy Productions, N.Y.

1999 “Getting Real” 100min Feature Film, Screenwriter/Director/Editor für PMD Films, N.Y.

2000 – 2002 Echt Wahr SAT1 TV-Show, Editor for GRB Entertainment/Axel Springer TV

2001 – 2002 „The Supermarkt“, Screenwriter, Feature Length Screenplay

2002 – 2004 ‚Brotzeit mit Malte Muller ’- Comedy Show, Director & Editor for PMD Films

2003 – 2004 Prime Time Movie Trailers, Editor for NBC Germany.

2004 – 2006 "Peter Imhoff" & "Allestester im Einsatz" & "Achtung Kontrolle ", Editor for SAT1 & Kabel Eins

2006 – 2011 “eMANcipation” 116min Feature Film, Screenwriter, Director & Editor PMD Films

2000 - Editor for Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF)

2013 – 2014 „Bunkmates“, Screenwriter, Feature Length Screenplay, Comedy

2019 - Editor for Radio Berlin Brandenburg (RBB)

2013 – 2014 „Killer App“, Screenwriter, Feature Length Screenplay, Thriller

2018 – 2019 „Good Girl“, Screenwriter, Feature Length Screenplay, Coming-of-age Drama


- Screenplay Award, International Horror Hotel, Hudson Ohio (for the Screenplay 'Killer App')

- Silver Award, Shallow Sea Stories Screenplay Competition L.A. (for the Screenplay 'The Supermarket')

- Grand Prize, Screenplay Competition London Film Awards (for the Screenplay 'Bunkmates')

- Gold Award, Hollywood Screenplay Competition (for 'Bunkmates')

- Audience Award, Kansas International Film Festival (for the Feature Film 'emancipation')

- Best Dramatic Film, IFS Film Festival Hollywood (for 'emancipation')

- Excellence Award, Rincon International Film Festival Puerto Rico (for 'emancipation')

- Best Foreign Film, New York Winter Film Awards (for 'emancipation')

- Best Foreign Film, International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema, Kent, England (for 'emancipation')

- Award of Merit, Lucerne International Film Festival, Switzerland (for 'emancipation')

- Excellence Bronze Bulb Award, Las Vegas Independent Film Festival (for 'emancipation')

- Director’s Choice Award, Litchfiels Hills Film Festival, Kent, Conneticut (for 'emancipation')

- Indie Auteur Medallion for Excellence, Bare Bones Film Festival, Oklahoma (for 'emancipation')

- Honorable Mention, L.A. Arthouse Film Festival (for 'emancipation')

- Honorable Mention, 60° N International Film Festival, Os Norway (for 'emancipation')