Department of Design Teaching Staff

Sebastian Löwe, PhD

Research Associate Campus Berlin


B.A. Graphic Design and Visual Communication

M.A. Communication Design


Sebastian Loewe, born in 1978 in Potsdam, Germany, received a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies and a Diploma in New Media Art. Loewe studied in Bochum and Halle, Germany as well as in Tokyo, Japan. He received his PhD for the study titled “Expelled As Kitsch. Re-negotiating German Cultural Identity After 1989”.

Loewe also works in the academic field of art and politics, and design and activism. He was the co-founder of the socially-engaged think-tank ufo-University. Loewe regularly contributes to the interdisciplinary magazine and also teaches as a visiting lecturer at the University of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein, Halle, Germany. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


  • Bachelor colloquium
  • Exam review course
  • Critical and creative thinking (MA)

Research and Teaching Focus

  • Aesthetic theory, aesthetics and politics
  • media studies, discourse theory
  • design theory, design activism


Loewe, S. (2017): The Social Media President. Donald Trump’s Visual-Rhetorical Strategies On Instagram. In: Plot Magazine Online 2017. (forthcoming)

Loewe, S. (2016): Imaginative Currencies! Imaginary Resistance? In: Plot Magazine Online . plot.on- line/plot/points/imaginative-currencies-imaginary-resistance.

Loewe, S. (2015): “Basically Ignore the Exhibition”. Response to Noah Fischer’s: „Agency in a Zoo. The Occupy Movement’s Strategic Expansion to Art Institutions“. In: Kester, Grant (Hg): FIELD. Journal of Socially- Engaged Art Criticism. San Diego: University of California, S. 41–47.

Loewe, S. (2015): When Protest Becomes Art: The Contradictory Transformations of the Occupy Movement at Documenta 13 and Berlin Biennale 7. In: Kester, Grant (Hg): FIELD. Journal of Socially-Engaged Art Criticism. San Diego: University of California, S. 185–204.

Loewe, S. (2015): Book Review on Kitsch! Cultural politics and taste by Ruth Holliday and Tracey Potts. In: Buchli, Victor; Clarke, Alison; Garvey, Pauline; Low, Setha (Hg.): Home Cultures. The Journal of Architecture, Design and Domestic Space. London, New Delhi, New York, Sydney: Bloomsbury Publ., S. 123–126. (No.1.)

Talks (selection)

“Occupying the Moral High Ground. The Weltanschauung Of the 99% and Its Artistic Representations” at the intl. conference “Moralizing Capitalism. Agents, Discourses and Practices of Capitalism and its Opponents in the Modern Age”, Berlin 2016.

“The Indulgent Viewer: How the Theory Of Kitsch-Man Depreciates Sensuous Aesthetic Experiences To Illustrate Personal Value Systems and Weltanschauungen”, at the College Art Association 104th Annual Conference, Washington D.C., USA 2015.


”Exhibition Becomes Politics. How Art Exhibitions About the Ukrainian Crisis Bring Up Diplomatic Contradictions”, presentation at the Third Euroacademia International Conference ‘The European Union and the Politicization of Europe’, Lisbon, Portugal 2014.