International Students Testimonies

Successful career start as PR trainee

Graduate Yvonne Röttgers has successfully entered the PR industry.

Yvonne Röttgers always wanted to "do something with media". After her studies she was able to specify her career aspirations: In addition to her master's degree in sustainable development cooperation, she now works as a PR trainee in an owner-managed agency. In this interview she talks about her time at HMKW Berlin and explains what she likes most about her current position.

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From psychology studies to corporate health management

Nadja Schleif (B.A. Media and Business Psychology) was able to take up work immediately after her studies: She has since her graduation been working as a consultant for company health management and organizational development. What she particularly liked about her studies, what she appreciates about her current job and what qualities students of her subject should have, she reveals in this interview.

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Conquering new horizons: Svetlana Pavelko on her work as a marketing specialist

Svetlana Pavelko is now working in marketing at the Swiss company Sanoptis.

As early as 2016, we spoke with Svetlana Pavelko, graduate of B.A. Journalism and Corporate Communications, about her entry into professional life. What has changed since then? What new experiences has she gained? In the interview, Svetlana Pavelko now reveals more about her current work as a marketing specialist in the medical field and what goals she has set herself for the future.

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"At the end of the day, what counts for me are the candidates"

Today Sana Guist works in the field of human resources.

Small learning groups and a cosmopolitan, multicultural atmosphere: this is what Sana Guist, a graduate in business psychology, particularly appreciated during her studies at the HMKW Berlin. Today she still works intensively with people: She works as a recruiter in the Human Resources department and ensures optimal application and selection processes during her work. In the interview she talks about her professional life.

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At the speed of life: Laura Braeunig on her work as a PR consultant

Graduate Laura Braeunig is working as a PR consultant.

Laura Braeunig has successfully started her career in the PR industry. After working for rbb Fernsehen and as a freelancer for various companies and agencies, she has been a PR consultant with the agency PIABO since 2019. In the interview she tells how she figured out her preferred career path and how her studies at the HMKW Berlin helped her.

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Career start as event and project manager at the agency facts and fiction

Katharina Mahler is now working as event and project manager.(Photo: © Ariane Meyer)

Katharina Mahler successfully completed her studies in 2018 in the subject B.A. Media and Event Management. Her career start went completely smoothly. After an internship at the Office of the Federal President she was able to start seamlessly at the communication agency facts and fiction. Today, she works there as an event and project manager.

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“Most of the time it doesn’t really feel like work”

Graduate Lennart Richter (M.A. Convergent Journalism) has started to work as a freelancer recently. te to englisch:] Absolvent Lennart Richter (M.A. Konvergenter Journalismus) hat sich mittlerweile selbstständig gemacht.

Great freedom and individual supervision by our lecturers: Graduate Lennart Richter particularly appreciated these both aspects during his time at the HMKW Berlin. After studying M.A. Convergent Journalism, he worked in various PR agencies. Recently, he has started to work as a freelancer. In the interview he tells us more about his current projects and his plans for the future.

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“With my job at Google a dream came true”

Ciara Mac Gowan achieved her first major career goal at the age of 25 and works at Google's European headquarters in Dublin.

Ciara Mac Gowan has achieved what many people dream of: she got a job at Google in Dublin and has been working here as an Account Strategist since the beginning of February. What are her biggest challenges at work? And what advice can she give new students to get closer to their dream job? In a personal interview, Mac Gowan talks about her experiences during her studies and her career start.

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