International Students Testimonies

Jesuina Januario's heart beats for podcasts

Jesuina Januario, student of M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing, is already focusing on her great passion in addition to her studies: She is currently a working student at Blinkist and is constantly dealing with new podcasts. Her love goes so far that she wants to investigate the role of podcasts for People of Colour in her master's thesis. Sounds exciting? In the interview she told us more about her studies, her plans as well as her job.

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Graphic design with social impact: Interview with graduate Nadin Reichbodt

Design that has an impact on society: In her bachelor thesis, Nadin Reichbodt developed a campaign that aims to draw attention to the situation of homeless people. In the interview, she told us why this topic was particularly appealing to her and what specific experiences from her studies at HMKW Berlin she is taking with her into her professional life.

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"My studies at HMKW were an amazing opportunity for me to gain practical experience and learn."

Digital marketing is Ayesha Samia's great passion. She already knows that she wants to get started in this field after graduation (currently: M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing). She is currently gaining valuable practical experience as a working student at the digital marketing agency Crealytics. In the interview, we asked her about her work, her favorite courses and projects, and her goals for the future.

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Online marketing & event management at the startup Mindfulife

HMKW Frankfurt Success Story: Online-Marketing & Eventmanagement beim Startup Mindfulife

At the Frankfurt-based startup Mindfulife, Ivona Rimac worked intensively on the topics of mindfulness and meditation. Due to current conditions, she worked from home and acquired new knowledge in the areas of online marketing and search engine optimization. Ivona is studying Media and Event Management at the Frankfurt Campus.

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