International Students Testimonies

The facets of event management: from agency life to public service

Meret Gesierich successfully completed her dual degree in media and event management in 2019 - and was able to join a full-service event agency straight after graduation. But then suddenly a lot of flexibility was required, due to the pandemic that intervened. Fortunately, Meret was able to change jobs quickly and found a permanent position as an event manager in the field of press and public relations. In this interview, she told us more about her current job and the advantages of the dual study program at HMKW.

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Creative and hands-on: Lisa Pommerening on her dual studies in graphic design

Lisa Pommerening's biggest dream for the time after her dual studies in graphic design and visual communication: joining the Berlin film and TV production company STORY HOUSE Productions as a permanent employee. Not only did she complete her practical year here, but she also continues to work for the company as a student trainee. In the following interview, she told us about the advantages of the dual study program at HMKW and what she would like to focus on in her bachelor's thesis.

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HMKW alumna founds own publishing house Ulila

Depicting society as it is - that is the vision of Nicola Boyne, winner of the HMKW Media Scholarship and graduate of the dual B.A. Media and Event Management program. In a guest lecture, she told HMKW students about how she and a friend founded the book publishing company Ulila and successfully launched their first Wimmel book.

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Marketing know-how based on theory and practice

Hannah Löhr hat an der HMKW den Bachelor-Studiengang Medien- und Wirtschaftspsychologie absolviert. Foto: privat

Hannah Löhr, a recent graduate in media and business psychology, has been hired by her internship company, the social media agency THE WANTS SOCIAL. In this interview, she talks about the main motives behind her choice of study and the advantages of a practice-oriented study program.

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Jesuina Januario's heart beats for podcasts

Jesuina Januario, student of M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing, is already focusing on her great passion in addition to her studies: She is currently a working student at Blinkist and is constantly dealing with new podcasts. Her love goes so far that she wants to investigate the role of podcasts for People of Colour in her master's thesis. Sounds exciting? In the interview she told us more about her studies, her plans as well as her job.

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Graphic design with social impact: Interview with graduate Nadin Reichbodt

Design that has an impact on society: In her bachelor thesis, Nadin Reichbodt developed a campaign that aims to draw attention to the situation of homeless people. In the interview, she told us why this topic was particularly appealing to her and what specific experiences from her studies at HMKW Berlin she is taking with her into her professional life.

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