Indonesian students visit HMKW Cologne

During their student exchange to the Netherlands students of an Indonesian high school visited HMKW Cologne and got information on the German college system and HMKW’s study programs.

Indonesian high school students visiting HMKW Cologne

A group of 30 students from Indonesia and their teachers visited HMKW Cologne last Friday. The students take part in an exchange program with a high school in the Netherlands. While they are in Europe they also get the chance to visit a couple of Dutch and German colleges. HMKW’s study advisory team organized a program with information and team work sessions. At the end of an exciting afternoon at the campus the young visitors left HMKW with a lot of new experiences as well as information on studying in Germany.

HMKW steadily extends its international network of partner universities around the world in order to enable its students to gain international experiences. Next week a delegation of HMKW students and lecturers is going to travel to China. A few weeks ago, HMKW students spent four weeks at JAIN University in Bengaluru, India.