Delegation from China visits HMKW Frankfurt

Tanja Bozovic, research associate at HMKW Frankfurt, presented a group of representatives of various Chinese publishers a research project on digital concepts of lifestyle journalism.

HMKW employee Tanja Bozovic (8th from left) with the publishing house representatives from Guangdong province, China.

"Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism" was the topic of Tanja Bozovic, research associate at the Frankfurt campus of HMKW, which she presented on Friday morning to a delegation of Chinese media representatives. The visitors from various publishing houses in the province of Guangdong were interested in the research project on "Digital Transformation of Business Models and Editorial Concepts and Media Formats by Established Magazine Publishers", which Bozovic is currently working on with HMKW lecturer Ann-Katrin Schmitz, co-founder of the popular German blog Novalanalove. During the two-hour event, Bozovic spoke about the upheaval in the local magazine industry and the influence of bloggers on the recipients and the advertising market. A major difference between the advertising markets in Germany and China: While in Germany social media such as Instagram or Facebook are increasingly being used as influencer channels, these networks are largely blocked in China and are thus hardly or not at all accessible to users and advertisers. Nevertheless, the visitors informed themselves in detail about the developments and perspectives in Germany in order to explore the potential for their own market.

Tanja Bozovic and Ann-Katrin Schmitz teach at the HMKW Frankfurt in B.A. Journalism and Corporate Communication and B.A. Media and Event Management.