Results of HMKW in the Europe Teaching Survey 2020

This year HMKW took part in the renowned Europe Teaching Survey for the first time. The independent organization Times Higher Education (THE) in London conducts the international study once a year at universities throughout Europe. The THE comparison tables are among the most important and most respected university rankings worldwide. Last year's Europe-wide comparison alone evaluated data from approximately 125,000 students from 18 countries. During the survey, students are asked about their satisfaction with certain aspects at their university.

HMKW has been successful in the representative survey in such important areas as

  • interaction with lecturers
  • collaborative learning
  • stimulation of critical thinking
  • acquisition of professionally relevant skills
  • application of the knowledge in professional practice

and scored above average on many other topics.



HMKW was evaluated in the following categories:


The results of the Europe Teaching Survey 2020 in detail:


Interaction: 8.7

To what extent do students have the opportunity to interact with the faculty and lecturers? In the survey, the people questioned were extremely satisfied with the interaction at the university and gave HMKW an above-average rating in this category compared to students at other European universities.


Colloborative learning: 8.5

In this part of the survey, students assessed the possibility of joint, cooperative learning. In direct comparison to other universities assessed, the HMKW in this category is well above the average (7.2).


Applying learnings: 8.0

To what extent do the lessons promote the application of the acquired knowledge in professional practice? With above-average 8 points, the surveyed students in this category were very satisfied.


Making connections: 7.9

To what extent does the teaching encourage reflection and help to establish connections between learned facts? This question was rated by the participants in the study with an average of 7.9 points.


Skills development: 7.9

The HMKW supports students to a high degree in acquiring essential knowledge and skills for professional practice. Students rated the university in this category with an average of 7.9 points.


Critical thinking: 7.8

In the survey, the students questioned confirmed that teaching at the HMKW stimulates them to a high degree to think critically. Compared to other international universities, the HMKW is thus above the average (7.2).


Learn about work: 7.7

In the survey, the participating students confirmed that HMKW enables them to gain experience in the working world, to establish contacts with companies and to offer advice on internships and career entry already during their studies. They rated the HMKW with an average of 7.7 points (average value: 6.9).


Choose: 7.5

Would the students, if they had the choice one more time, start their studies at HMKW again? Their answer to this question was yes, with an average score of 7.5.


Recommend: 7.4

With an average rating of 7.4, the respondents agreed with the statement that they would recommend studying at HMKW to friends and family members.


Challenge: 7.1

With a score of 7.1, the evaluating students agreed with the statement that studying at the HMKW is a great personal challenge for them.


Learning environment: 7.1

How satisfied are students with the quality of the learning environment (e.g. with lecture halls, study areas and equipment)? With an average grade of 7.1 points, our students were pleased with the learning environment at HMKW.


Inspire: 6.9

"In your opinion, does your university offer an environment in which you are surrounded by fellow students who inspire and motivate you?" This question was rated an average of 6.9 in the survey.


Social: 6.8

To what extent does HMKW offer the opportunity for social engagement? In this category the university achieved a value of 6.8.


Access to materials: 6.2

With 6.2 points, students rated their level of satisfaction with access to teaching materials (e.g. libraries, texts, online material).