DJ, artist, label manager: Graduate Joe Metzenmacher lives his dream

Music is Joe Metzenmacher's greatest passion. Early on he prepared his professional career in the music business by working on various projects while still a student. So much ambition and tenacity pays off: Today, Metzenmacher now works as a DJ and artist and is a co-owner and label manager of Heideton Records. In this interview he told us to what extent his studies have helped him on his way and which advice he would like to share with other students.

Joe Metzenmacher holds a B.A. in Media and Business Psychology from HMKW Berlin.

Joe Metzenmacher holds a B.A. in Media and Business Psychology from HMKW Berlin.

What comes to mind when you think about your studies at HMKW?

A university that offers opportunities to grow beyond one's own boundaries. The mixture of theory and practice paired with intensive project weeks for different companies enables students to develop their skills in an environment of interdisciplinary cooperation. Or simply put, an environment that helps you achieve your goals.

You acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Business Psychology at HMKW Berlin. What is your current job position?

I have made my passion and love for music culture my life's work. Since 2015 I have been working as a DJ and artist, which is currently not the most obvious task in these crazy times. Furthermore I am co-owner and label manager at Heideton Records GmbH and work together with our wonderful team, consisting of old hands and young hoppers, to push along some more projects in the event industry.

Did you get any further work experiences prior to your current position that you would like to share with us?

Yes, before and during my studies, I have been working on my way around the clock. Using the trial-and-error method, I wrote strategic concepts, worked on jobs, expanded my network, performed as a DJ in Berlin, organized events, produced electronic music etc. etc. etc.

When did you figure out your preferred career path? How much was your choice influenced by the compulsory internship?

My career aspiration to work in the field of electronic music culture was there even before my studies. HMKW with all its possibilities from open ears, professional support of the employees and of course the academic claim to convey scientific contents has helped me enormously to go on with my career aspiration. In concrete terms, there were several lecturers during my studies, who supported me with advice and action, offered alternatives and encouraged me several times to take this professional path.

Why did you decide to study “Media and Business Psychology”? And what made you choose HMKW Berlin?

Two very extensive questions. In retrospect, the decision to study media and business psychology was one of the best in my life so far. When I googled myself through the first pages on the subject of Business Psychology in 2013, there were perhaps a maximum of 8 universities in Germany where one could study this course of study seriously. At that time I wanted something that would help me in a revolutionary working world of tomorrow with human and economic connections. The fact that it became HMKW was mainly due to a decisive first interview with Prof. Dr. Ronald Freytag. Thank you!

Which contents of your studies are part of your current job? How do your studies help you in your work routine?

An incredible amount of content. Intercultural communication, scientific & interdisciplinary work, organization, market research, personnel management,
cognitive & differential psychology, digital media design, strategic brand management, concept development, holistic marketing etc.
But there are also many tools and guidelines that help me in my work today. First and foremost I would like to take this opportunity to thank Henning Breuer (Marketing), Lorenz Pöllmann (Economics) and Pascal Villain (Business Psychology). Without these people I would be much more mindless today.

What are your plans for the future?

Currently I am primarily working on the brand development of our music label Heideton and of course on my own career as a DJ & producer. Furthermore I am working with my business partners on the development of a brand new booking agency. In the medium and long term, a total of 12 further concepts are planned. These range from event gastronomy to consulting in the field of music management.


What do you like most about your current job position? What is your biggest challenge?

I personally appreciate getting in touch with people and experiencing moments together where positive emotions are used to add value to society. In these times, when the coexistence of people is redefining itself, I see it as a special task to create alternatives to the isolation of individuals in order to experience the path of a tolerant society peacefully together.
A special challenge is not only the black cloud, the worldwide pandemic. Currently, I believe that we should even be grateful to have this virus. It makes problems visible and raises questions in all disciplines of business and science. I hope that the path of knowledge will lead us as a society to a universal ethics. Basically it is a great time for business psychologists.

Could you tell us more about the application phase after your graduation?

There was no job search and application phase for me. However, I felt very well prepared for such phases due to the contents of my studies.

What would you tell fellow students that study at HMKW?

Ask critical questions and search for valid answers. Always try to train your perception. Learn to listen, to argue scientifically and to laugh about things together. Have the ambition and drive to exceed your own expectations. Make experiences that lie outside your comfort zone and let them flow into your insights. Reflect on your actions regularly and find the purpose in your role. Feel free to be creative and be open-hearted optimists who can also make sacrifices. Pay attention. Develop your passion to do something with dedication. Destroy your beliefs and let your environment become curious. And last but not least, if there really is someone else who reads this text, do it better than I did.

Which characteristics should students have who want to study „B.A. Media and Business Psychology“?

Their own.

Thank you for this great conversation, Mr. Metzenmacher. We wish you much success for all your future projects.