The future starts now: Marketing on the EUREF Campus in Berlin

For Sarah Mehlhorn, her great enthusiasm for marketing was already apparent during her studies in business psychology. She completed both her bachelor's and master's degree at the HMKW Berlin. Today she works at the EUREF campus in Berlin-Schöneberg and in her everyday work she deals with seminal topics such as energy, sustainability and mobility.

Business psychologist Sarah Mehlhorn on the EUREF Campus (in the background the Gasometer Schöneberg)

Business psychologist Sarah Mehlhorn on the EUREF Campus (in the background the Gasometer Schöneberg)

What comes to mind when you think about your studies at HMKW?

I only have positive memories of my time at HMKW. I especially liked the familiar contact with the students and small course groups. During the Master the course even consisted of only 4 people. We always sat on the 5th floor and were very secluded. But that also had its charm.

You acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Business Psychology at HMKW Berlin. What is your current job position?

I studied both the B.A. Media and Business Psychology and the M.A. Business Psychology at the HMKW. During my studies, the focus on marketing was already clear to me. My BA internship in Social Media Marketing confirmed this. During my master's degree I had various student trainee jobs, all of which were in the broader field of marketing and public relations. Currently I am working in marketing at EUREF AG, which is a very diversified job. Here everything revolves around the topics of energy, sustainability and mobility of the future.

Why did you decide to study “Media and Business Psychology”? And what made you choose HMKW Berlin?

In 2012, just after graduating from high school, when I was informed about various courses of study, psychology always remained in the back of my mind. But it was clear to me that I didn't want to go in the therapeutic direction, so I kept looking. At that time I met Mr. Freytag at a fair. He then explained to me the main focus of my studies in business psychology, and it fascinated me even more. There were a few universities that offered business psychology, but HMKW simply convinced me with practical projects and the atmosphere.

Which contents of your studies are part of your current job? How do your studies help you in your work routine?

There are many areas of study that can be applied in the most diverse places. Mostly I do this completely unconsciously and only realize where the knowledge actually comes from after a longer period of reflection. Thanks to the research facilities and projects on the EUREF campus, I can even apply other contents of my studies that never really seemed important before.


What are your plans for the future?

I'd like to stay on campus for a while. Because of the varied activities within the community of startups and global players it will never be boring. I would like to develop myself further here and see what comes next.

What do you like most about your current job position? What is your biggest challenge?

You get to know a lot of people from different areas and can make very interesting contacts. We work on realizing great new projects (autonomous driving, flight taxis etc.) by networking and supporting start-ups with global players. Of course, this can also involve some risks, but this is the only way we can move towards the future. It's not for nothing that we are one of the eleven Berlin locations of the future.

Could you tell us more about the application phase after your graduation?

I was already on campus during my studies, but at the company InnoZ. As a working student there I was in charge of public relations and at the same time I worked on the project "Autonomous Driving". After I finished my MA degree, a marketing position was accidentally advertised at the operator (EUREF AG), which I got quite quickly. I am very happy about that. In principle I moved my workplace only 20 meters away.

What would you tell fellow students that study at HMKW?

If you have a goal, then you should do everything you can to achieve it. Of course, there may be courses or lecturers that don't seem interesting or you don't like, but at some point this knowledge will also be necessary. Therefore, you should do everything to complete your studies with enthusiasm.

Which characteristics should students have that want to study „B.A. Media and Business Psychology“?

Students of business psychology should be interested in everything new. It is important to understand the world and the people as they are, so that one can then build on that to change it. Whether in research, marketing or advertising is not important. All areas of business psychology converge again somewhere.

Thank you very much for the interview and all the best for the future!