Bringing a lot of energy into the job: Interview with graduate Anika Schoetzau

Interculturalism, teamwork and a wide variety of courses and topics - Anika Schoetzau found this and much more at HMKW Berlin. In this interview, she talks about her first crucial job experiences and tells us about the skills she gained during her studies and how they enrich her current job as a Human Resources Business Partner at the non-profit organization Data4Life.

HMKW graduate Anika Schoetzau is now working in the field of Human Resources.

HMKW graduate Anika Schoetzau is now working in the field of Human Resources.

What comes to mind when you think about your studies at HMKW?

"Where the journey began"

You acquired a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Business Psychology at HMKW Berlin. What is your current job position?

I am currently working as a Human Resources Business Partner for a non-profit organization called Data4Life in the area of healthcare digitization.

Did you get any further work experiences prior to your current position that you would like to share with us?

I worked as an HR consultant for an agency in Berlin. Here I was able to gain many insights into the Berlin start-up world. I also worked as an HR Development Consultant at DRIVE!MPACT in Barcelona. Although this is also a fairly small company, it is super exciting because we helped Berlin start-ups to set up a new location.

When did you figure out your preferred career path? How much was your choice influenced by the compulsory internship?

The internship was played more of an indirect role for me, as I used it to improve my intercultural skills and my Spanish. I was at the German-Guatemalan Chamber of Foreign Trade. Afterwards it was clear to me that I prefer an agile, digital company with flat hierarchies.

Why did you decide to study “Media and Business Psychology”? And what made you choose HMKW Berlin?

I find the course of studies covers an extremely wide range of topics. You can develop in the direction of media studies, classical business studies, but also more in the psychological direction. Since I was unsure what I was good at and what I wanted to do later, the course offered the perfect insight into many different "worlds".


Which contents of your studies are part of your current job? How do your studies help you in your work routine?

I think these are basic things like structure, working in a team, discussing and being able to be inspired by the opinions of others. Furthermore, an understanding of data, figures and statistics as a basis for many ideas, business and initiatives. But especially the enthusiasm for constant learning and that the Bachelor's degree was just the beginning of the path for me. Now that I really think about it, I remember that we even had the subject Intercultural Competencies. This is still a major topic in my daily work and for me it is one of the most important aspects of my studies.

What are your plans for the future?

After the bachelor's degree I went straight on to the master's. For this I went to the Free University of Amsterdam. More and more it became clear to me that the psychological direction is my direction. So in December I will start a further training as a systemic consultant and hopefully in 3 years I will be certified as a systemic therapist.

Could you tell us more about the application phase after your graduation?

So far I have only applied for jobs and positions through my network. Therefore everything always went smoothly and according to the motto: "Win-win situation". I believe that everyone should approach job hunting in this way. Very millennial style, I know. But I've always been really keen on the jobs that are out there and I bring a lot of energy to the job, so I want to keep looking at it that way.

What would you tell fellow students that study at HMKW?

Do not take advice from someone who is 5 years older and thinks he has seen the world.

Which characteristics should students have that want to study „B.A. Media and Business Psychology“?

The more versatile and diverse, the better. Because the media, the economy and especially psychology need exactly that. During the course of study, students should learn altogether to give space to introverts and not to push themselves directly into the leadership role as an extrovert. The study time should aim to strengthen strengths and become aware of one's weaknesses.

Thank you for the interesting conversation, Mrs. Schoetzau. All the best and good luck!