The first virtual project week at HMKW

Project week with a difference: This semester, students of the Department of Psychology will re-enact, conduct and evaluate three classic psychological experiments - in Second Life instead of on the real campus.

At the kick-off zoom meeting, the group first received an introduction to Second Life from Heike Philp. Philp is an expert in the field of Virtual Realities and regularly conducts courses for the distance learning program M.A. program Visual and Media Anthropology at HMKW on the virtual campus of HMKW in OpenSim.

Besides the intensive occupation with psychological experiments like the Halo Effect and the Ash Experiment, students will face another exciting task during the course of the week: Each project group will create a short film about their experiment in Second Life. The best film will have the chance to be submitted to the University:Future Festival and presented to a broad audience.

We are very excited about the results and wish all students a lot of fun in the virtual world of Second Life.