Practice-oriented entry into the world of digital marketing and e-commerce

Léon Brunetzki-Strunk is in his first semester of B.A. in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce at HMKW Berlin. Here he reports on what he likes most about his studies so far, which courses he is particularly enthusiastic about, and what tips he would like to give prospective students for the application process.

You are a first-year student in the B.A. Digital Marketing and E-Commerce program, so the application phase is quite recent: Why did you decide to study here at HMKW?

I graduated from a vocational high school. There, I focused on organization and office management, which brought me into contact with marketing. I always really enjoyed going to that class. After graduating from high school, I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do, but it definitely had to be something with marketing. Then Corona came along and I saw how the e-commerce industry has grown tremendously. Since two friends of mine are already studying at HMKW, I quickly became aware of HMKW.

Due to the pandemic, the semester has started online. Can you nevertheless already give a first impression of the course of studies?

Yes, of course. Now, in the first semester, there is an introduction. You get an insight into how marketing works. Then you learn how to deal with data and statistics, how to create and interpret them. In business studies, we learned how the economy is structured and how everything works there. For me, that's one of my favorite modules. You also learn how to write scientific papers, which is very important later on for your bachelor's degree, etc. In the next semesters, you dive deeper into the subject.

Which project/course are you looking forward to or which project/course did you like best so far? Why?

For me, marketing and business studies were my favorites. As already mentioned, I already have knowledge in the field of marketing. It was great to be able to deepen my knowledge and learn new things. What I liked about business studies was that it gave me an insight into how the economy works. How everything is interconnected so that a society or economy works well.

What do you like about studying at HMKW in general?

I particularly like the fact that almost all the professors and lecturers have worked or are still working in the field they teach. This allows them to convey the material much better and make the lectures much more dynamic.

I also like the fact that you can ask questions in the lectures and the professors and lecturers are always available afterwards. The fact that the courses are not too large is also a real advantage. This means that you don't get lost in the crowd and you are addressed individually.

Do you already have a concrete career goal or at least an idea for the internship?

I don't have an exact career goal yet. I think that will develop in the course of my studies. For now, I'm concentrating on my studies. I still have a little time left to make my career aspirations more concrete.

What advice would you give to university applicants?

Just be yourself. Don't worry too much about the admission process. If you are interested in marketing and you really think the program fits your needs, the admission process won't be a big problem.

Thank you for the insights into your first semester at HMKW. All the best for your future studies!