From HMKW Cologne to Porsche in Prague

HMKW Cologne graduate Daniel Boerop (B.A. Media and Event Management) did his internship at Porsche in Prague. In this interview, he talks about the areas he got to know at the company, what his most exciting tasks were, and how he liked the Czech capital.

Daniel Boerop was able to gain many new impressions during his internship at Porsche in Prague.

Daniel Boerop was able to gain many new impressions during his internship at Porsche in Prague.

Where did you do your internship and in which department?

I did my internship abroad at Porsche Central & Eastern Europe in Prague. There I worked in the Business Development department and was mainly responsible for Network Development, but I also got an insight into the E-Performance area.

How did you like it? Would you recommend it to other HMKW students?

I can only recommend it to everyone to do an internship here, because you learn a lot and you are actively involved in the process. The region of Eastern and Central Europe is still in the process of development within the automotive industry and you are part of the development in this region. Furthermore, the company has a flat hierarchy and you are considered to be on an equal footing. Prague is also a great location for young people. So you also have a great time besides your work.

What was the biggest challenge during your internship abroad?

My biggest challenge was settling into a new area in an internationally operating company. Due to the fact that Corona hit the Czech Republic hard, we had to work from home for a large part of the time, but that wasn't really a problem because we were able to work together a lot with the other interns in shared apartments provided by Porsche.


Please tell us more about your areas of work: What were your main tasks during your internship? Which contents from your studies were reflected in your work or were particularly helpful to you?

The main task in my area was to acquire new locations for Porsche in the 27 countries for which we were responsible and to adapt old locations to the new corporate identity. Another task included planning and holding the semi-annual investor conference. The difficulty was that this had to be held virtually for the first time. Particularly helpful in this regard were my learnings from courses like event management, event management and event technology. In the area of e-performance, I had the opportunity to experience the development of the charging infrastructure in our region.

Has the internship helped you with regard to your career goals and plans for the future?

The internship helped me gain insights into a new area and a large industry. Furthermore, it is a great stepping stone to have worked for Porsche and the internship has helped me a lot in my development.

What would you recommend to other HMKW students for their internship/semester abroad?

I can only recommend an internship abroad to all students, as you make many new contacts, get to know a new culture and improve your English skills. I recommend students to choose an internship period of at least 6 months, because this way you can follow the process of many tasks better and also get a deeper insight into some things. Often companies have more projects in one term than in the other and this way you get to know everything.

Thank you for the insights into your internship abroad at Porsche in Prague. All the best and much success in the future!