The future of work: Guest lecture on relevant digital job profiles of tomorrow

On June 4, Michel Achenbach, Head of Business Development at Bitkom Akademie, gave an exciting lecture in the online lecture "Digital Economy" with lecturer Sophie Carls at HMKW Berlin. Achenbach gave insights into the work of Bitkom e.V. and presented relevant job profiles of tomorrow in the digital economy to the students.

With increasing digitisation, employees and managers in companies must meet the requirements of the digital organisation and acquire digital skills. During his lecture Michel Achenbach first introduced the wide range of further education programs of the Bitkom Akademie.

He introduced the students to various formats of further education, including the training as AI Manager, the certificate courses Data Driven Marketing & Conversion Rate Optimization and the workshop Cookie-Banner, Fanpages and Co. - Digital Marketing & Data Protection. Afterwards, he also gave the students recommendations for their own professional development in the digital economy, focusing primarily on digital job profiles and tomorrow's trends.

We would like to thank Michel Achenbach warmly for sharing his valuable experience and assessments of the professional development opportunities in the digital economy. With his lecture Mr. Achenbach enriched the lecture "Digital Economy" very much.