Cool beats, power workout and creative cooking: Virtual events at HMKW Berlin

Students of B.A. Media and Event Management have launched three more creative online events under the direction of Prof. Dr. Lorenz Pöllmann. Whether it's a wild rave party, a strengthening home workout or an inspiring cooking show - the events will take place this week and are free of charge for all HMKW students.

[Translate to englisch:] MEM-Events im Juni (Foto: Paolo Nicolello / Pexels)

[Translate to englisch:] MEM-Events im Juni (Foto: Paolo Nicolello / Pexels)

MIT DER NACHT // June 18th, 2020 // from 7 pm to 12 pm

The rave scene in Berlin stands still. For all those eagerly awaiting the reopening of the dance halls and techno temples of the big city, our students have come up with this online event. The event will be streamed live from the Suicide Club. Berlin DJs like Simina Grigoriu, VELA, Marcii Moto, Maurice Mino b2b sin:port as well as guests from the nightlife like clubliebe e.V. and the organisation sea-eye will be present.

Link to the event and more information on Facebook

BODY BEATS // June 19th, 2020 // 6:30 pm

Body Beats: Is this still a workout or already a party? The event offers a 90-minute workout that combines sport and clubbing. Professional trainer Nicole will lead through the sports program, while live DJ Edgarwilles will accompany the workout with cool techno music.


SOCIAL COOKING // June 20th, 2020 // 6 pm

Social Cooking is an online live cooking event where one person prepares a special but simple dish together with the moderator. The spectators are invited to join in the cooking from home, to be entertained, to ask questions and above all to learn about professional tricks and a new dish.

Updates to the event are available on Instagram and YouTube