New Professors in the Departments of Psychology and Humanities

In October a new professor was appointed to the Department of Psychology at the HMKW Berlin. Also in the Humanities department the university welcomes a new professor as of November 1.

Prof. Dr. habil. Ramzi Fatfouta, an expert in the field of personality psychology, will teach in the B.Sc. Media and Business Psychology and M.Sc. Business Psychology programs. Since his studies and doctorate at the Free University of Berlin, Mr. Fatfouta has been intensively involved in his scientific work with specializations in personnel, organizational and social psychology. In addition to his further training as a Systemic Personal & Business Coach and a truly impressive publication record, he has earned his non-academic merits at Kienbaum Consultants as Senior Consultant, Management Diagnostics and at Bundesdruckerei GmbH as Manager HR Development | HR Center of Expertise.

Prof. Dr. Roger Horn, himself a former graduate of the M.A. Visual and Media Anthropology program, has been working as a research assistant at the FU Berlin for the VMA program since his doctorate in summer 2019 at the University of Cape Town (South Africa). Having lived and worked for many years in South Africa, as an ethnographer, documentary filmmaker and lecturer in Cape Town and Johannesburg, he has specialized in thematic areas such as migration and the living and working conditions of black women in Africa in order to increase the visibility of those who are underrepresented in cultural memory. Not only his master's degree film, "These Objects, Those Memories: Female Migration from Zimbabwe to South Africa", but also many other of his 21 ethnographic documentaries to date have been invited to international festivals and have received numerous awards.

We congratulate Prof. Fatfouta and Prof. Horn on their appointment. It is wonderful that you are now with us and continue your wonderful work with people from all over the world. Welcome to HMKW!