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Students from the Department of Journalism and Communication at HMKW talk about their experience. 

"My studies at HMKW were an amazing opportunity for me to gain practical experience and learn."

Digital marketing is Ayesha Samia's great passion. She already knows that she wants to get started in this field after graduation (currently: M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing). She is currently gaining valuable practical experience as a working student at the digital marketing agency Crealytics. In the interview, we asked her about her work, her favorite courses and projects, and her goals for the future.

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Studying journalism in a dynamic environment: Interview with student Lisa Frising

Studying journalism in a dynamic and diverse city like Berlin: For Lisa Frising, student of M.A. Convergent Journalism (from WS 2020: M.A. Digital Journalism, editor's note), there is currently hardly anything more enriching. In the interview she reveals why she decided to study at HMKW Berlin, which courses she is particularly interested in and why she wants to live and work in Berlin in the near future.

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At the crossroads of Journalism and Corporate Communications

Katharina Klube, Absolventin des B.A. Journalismus und Unternehmenskommunikation

Katharina Klube has already successfully completed her Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Corporate Communications at HMKW Berlin in 2016. What has changed professionally since then? We were curious and made contact again. In an interview, she now tells us about her work as a press spokesperson for the German Veterinary Association and her professional and private goals for the future.

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Career start in communication design: from hobby to profession

Flexibel und neugierig: Absolventin Giny Mateke

Being open to new things and remaining flexible in your choice of career: Graduate Giny Mateke definitely proved these two qualities after graduating in Journalism and Corporate Communications. She has turned her favourite hobby, graphic design, into a profession and has now been working for 4 years as a communication designer for a medium-sized IT service provider.

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Career start in online marketing: Interview with Robert Pintz

Robert Pintz arbeitet derzeit als Social Media Advertising Manager.

Journalism or corporate communications? At HMKW Berlin Robert Pintz was initially able to deepen his knowledge in both areas. After graduating, things turned out differently than expected and he ended up in the field of social media and performance marketing. In this interview, he tells us what particularly inspired him about his studies at HMKW and what goals he would like to pursue in the near future.

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Successful career start: From HMKW to Deutsche Welle

Absolvent Christian Caurla: jetzt Journalist bei der Deutschen Welle

Christian Caurla, graduate of M.A. Convergent Journalism, already worked as an intern at Deutsche Welle during his studies and was able to join the company after graduating as a journalist. In his daily work, he now mainly produces videos for television and social media. In the interview he told us more about his current job, his best memories of his student days and the biggest challenges in his profession.

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