How effective and creative marketing works today: Experts give guest lectures in the PRDM program

How can you set the course for your future career while still studying? And how can you create marketing campaigns that actually have a lasting effect on people? On January 28, students from the M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing program had the perfect opportunity to talk to marketing experts during Prof. Dr. Ingo Knuth's lecture and ask all their questions about starting a career and everyday challenges in the marketing field.

Marketing experts visit the M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing program

Marketing experts visit the M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing program

In order to get more insights into the dynamic marketing industry, Prof. Dr. Ingo Knuth invited Natalie Bojanowski (Head of Human Resources, Crealytics) and Kristi Melo (Recruiter and HR Manager, Crealytics). PRDM student Ayesha Samia also gave a first-hand account of her own experience as a working student in Crealytics' marketing department. Whether on the day-to-day tasks in the individual areas of the digital marketing agency, the application process, or entry-level opportunities, the speakers addressed the students' questions in detail and provided practical advice on starting a career.

Later, all students had the opportunity to catch up on the latest developments in disruptive marketing: Thomas Herrmann (Corporate Communications, MED-EL) gave a vivid account of his experience in developing and implementing disruptive branding and communications approaches for MED-EL, an international company in the healthcare sector. Herrmann shared his professional background with the students, as well as the work and thinking processes that are essential to his work. In his lecture, he specifically focused on customer journeys and storytelling in an intercultural context - both aspects that are becoming increasingly important in today's globalized world.

We would like to thank the speakers for the extensive insights into their work and would be very happy to welcome them again soon (virtually or on site) at HMKW Berlin and to continue the very stimulating discussion.