Enrollment for summer semester 2022

A warm welcome to HMKW: HMKW's first bachelor's and master's degree students will be ceremonially enrolled at all three campuses during the first days of April. The Cologne campus made the start, Berlin had its ceremony today. Frankfurt will welcome their students tomorrow.

Applause for the new students at HMKW in the summer semester 2022.

Applause for the new students at HMKW in the summer semester 2022.

On Friday, April 1, students from all bachelor's and master's degree programs offered at HMKW Cologne this summer were ceremoniously enrolled in time for the official start of the semester. For a relaxed start, there was the humorous "Top 10 No-Gos for Freshmen" by branch manager Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Eick with anecdotes from Zoom teaching practice. This was followed by the welcome address by University Rector Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Schulz, who presented the mission statement of HMKW. He also presented for the first time the contact person of the still young Green Office, graduate and master student Fiete Kretschmer. Before the formal act of enrollment by the departmental professors, University Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ronald Freytag addressed the new students: In view of the newly sparked war and the developments in Russia in the form of de facto censorship and extensive restrictions on fundamental freedoms, he appealed to the future media students to stand up for these freedoms. The representatives of the Cologne AStA, which sees itself as a link between the student body and the university, also invited the students to get involved.

Welcome to Berlin!

On Monday, the new students from the Bachelor's and Master's programs at the Berlin location were also warmly welcomed by the university management, the department heads and lecturers as well as HMKW employees - both on site and online! Particularly exciting: This semester, numerous international students from countries such as Lebanon, India and Taiwan are starting their studies in one of HMKW's media study programs. Likewise, a large number of Erasmus students from France, Italy, Mexico and Switzerland will make university life even more colorful, diverse and varied in the near future. It's so great to have you here!

Hello Campus Frankfurt!

As the last of the three branches, Campus Frankfurt also warmly welcomed its new students in today's matriculation ceremony. The team was very happy that after a long pandemic break the new location was finally filled with life. The ceremony was bilingual, because some international Master's students e. g. from Venezuela, the Philippines, USA and Russia were enrolled. Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ronald Freytag honoured in his inaugural speech the suffering and resilience of the Ukrainian people with the following sentence in russian: (translated) "We thank Ukraine for the fight for its freedom and for our freedom". The event was wrapped up by a get-together with coffee and snacks in our lounge. We wish all students a successful start to the semester!

Finally back on site, outside the box, studying together with other fellow students - that is the expectation with which many first-year students begin their studies at HMKW. We are looking forward to accompanying them in this important phase of their studies and wish all new HMKW students a successful start!