News from the Department of Humanities

Digital Anthropology in the time of Corona: Release of a new VMA online journal

With the global pandemic and related measures such as border closures, lockdowns and social distancing, anthropology and many aspects of life have moved into the world of the digital. In a new online journal, students and researchers of the study program M.A. Visual and Media Anthropology have devoted themselves to a wide variety of aspects of this digital transformation of anthropology and focused on phenomena of the digitized world from an anthropological perspective.

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Der HMKW-Jahresrückblick 2020

"Hybride" Immatrikulationsfeier zum Wintersemester am Campus Berlin. Foto: Jörg Brunsendorf

„Einzigartig“: dieses Attribut lässt sich bekanntlich nicht steigern, und trotzdem wird wohl kaum jemand protestieren, wenn wir dieses Jahr 2020 ein ganz besonderes nennen. An dieser Stelle werfen wir zusammen mit der HMKW-Hochschulleitung einen Blick zurück – und auch nach vorne.

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Hybrid enrolment ceremony: HMKW welcomes new students

The start of a new, initially hybrid semester: The matriculation ceremony for the winter semester 2020/21 took place recently at the three branches Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt (Main) on site and online via livestream. The university management welcomed the prospective new students and gave a preview of the new semester, most of which will probably take place online.

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Understanding media activism: Interview with lecturer Dr. Philipp Budka

Protestierende der "Black Lives Matter"-Bewegung in New York (Foto: Pexels)

Media activism has been a burning issue at least since the recent protests of the "Black Lives Matter" movement. This semester, Dr. Philipp Budka is leading the seminar "Media Activism" in the course of studies M.A. Visual and Media Anthropology and he immediately picked up the current developments there. We talked to him about his approach to the topic, the emergence of media activism and upcoming student projects.

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Ruf an die HMKW angenommen: Frau Prof. Dr. Undine Frömming

Erneut berufen: Frau Prof. Dr. Undine Frömming

Frau Prof. Dr. phil. Undine Frömming wurde für den Studiengang Visual and Media Anthropology an der HMKW Berlin berufen. Frau Frömming entwickelte den distance-learning-basierten Studiengang „M. A. Visual and Media Anthropology“ an der FU Berlin, der unter ihrer Leitung zum erfolgreichsten weiterbildenden Master-Studiengang der altehrwürdigen Universität wurde. Die HMKW Berlin konnte dieses einmalige Programm zum Wintersemester 2019/20 übernehmen.

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