Visual Analysis of Graphic Design

In their "Design and Social Research" lessons MA Communication Design students analyzed the impact of graphic design in everyday life on their creativity, letting the analysis influence their writing of poems and lyrics.

Module:Design and Social Research
Study group
MA Communication Design CD02
LecturerProf. Dr. Jan-Henning Raff

Winter term 2017/18

Under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Jan-Hening Raff Berlin students of the MA Communication Design systematically explored the different levels of the apprehension of a graphic design piece. The analysis starts with “preattentive perception”, studies emotional effects, explores generative principles, discusses semiotics and asks for the socio-cultural background. The results are summarized in a poster. To explore the graphic design in its use context, observations and interviews are conducted. These are condensed into poems and song lyrics. Some made it into real songs – hear it at: