UX and UI Design: Students develop self-help apps

In the winter semester 2021/22, students of the B.A. Graphic Design and Visual Communication had the task of developing a concept for a self-help app in Prof. Rasmus Giesel's course "Interactive Media". After an extensive research phase, in which they created personas, user journeys and prototypes, among other things, they started designing. The final product was a set of click dummies in which users can test the core functions.

How can we improve our ability to navigate the dynamic, digitized world? And how can we reduce the amount of information we are overwhelmed with in our everyday lives?

The students have tackled modern problems faced by digital natives and have found answers to frequently asked questions with their app prototypes. For example, Johanna Groß and Paula Dalibor developed the apps Smatch and Whatch, which can be used to track one's own streaming behavior. Hannah Platte's Habitly app helps to integrate routines such as regular exercise into one' s daily routine and supports the realization of goals that one has set for oneself.

Jessica Guerreiro Mendes' app INOR is a practical aid to bundle the numerous notifications that arrive on the smartphone in a better way. For good vibes and more physical activity in everyday life, check out the dance app "FullOut," designed and created by Lisa Pommerening. Finally, Setenay Bursali's app Quibbl shows how to get rid of bad (and unhealthy) habits such as smoking or excessive coffee consumption.

We congratulate all the students on their excellent designs and dummies and look forward to whatever else they may come up with in the future...