Out of limbo: Berlin Design Show "IN-BETWEEN"

Between isolation and post-pandemic mood, between back-to-normal and in view of the seeming never-ending Corona situation: how it feels to finally get back into an exchange with each other after more than two years of pandemic was the topic of the exhibition "IN-BETWEEN" of HMKW Berlin's Design Department.

The full CLB Berlin during the opening of the semester show of HMKW Berlin's design department in July 2022. Photo by Nora Bibel.

The full CLB Berlin during the opening of the semester show of HMKW Berlin's design department in July 2022. Photo by Nora Bibel.

For one weekend, current student works from the last two semesters of the study programs B.A. Graphic Design and Visual Communication, B.A. Game Design and Interactive Media, M.A. Communication Design and Creative Strategies as well as Bachelor’s and Master’s theses could be examined at the semester show of the Berlin Design Department. Motto of the event: "IN-BETWEEN" - the state of limbo between the alternating phases of extreme isolation and regained social interaction brought about by the Corona pandemic.


To the DJ set of exchange student Sacha Kalfon, the numerous visitors settled in during Friday night's vernissage to explore the diverse design show together. Post-Covid speechlessness was made a theme in the exhibition with postcards that guests could pass to each other to get in touch. The campaign for the semester show (based on an idea by student Pit Bruck) had already picked up on this year's event theme: Digitally on social media templates and analogously on posters pasted around the city, students could create their "IN-BETWEEN". On site at CLB Berlin, the IN-BETWEEN could be interactively designed with a Kinect. And even more interaction was possible: With the help of the show's (toxic) green signal color in cucumber form, the guests chose their top 3 exhibits:

  • the wall newspaper of a graphic design course on the topic of mindfulness (project by Prof. Dr. Andine Müller)
  • the photo series ERROR by Farzin Foroutan, who recently had his first solo exhibition at Tête Gallery Berlin;
  • the bachelor thesis by Paula Dalibor, who compares city views of Paris on Instagram with reality;

So post-pandemic paralysis, as if! The work show seamlessly picked up where the pandemic left off, bringing in whole new perspectives and disciplines. Thank you to all the enthusiastic visitors, organizers, and enablers!


Photos (except for the poster campaign impressions) by Melina Mitschke, Alex Nofftz

Check out the Berlin Design Department's Instagram channel at www.instagram.com/design.hmkw.bln/ for more visual content on the Berlin Design Show 2022 - like this reel of digitally filling out the IN-BETWEEN (Instagram login required):