Design Project Workshops at Campus Berlin

Two weeks of creativity and hands-on experience in one area of graphic design: last Friday, the design project workshops came to a successful end. The students had the chance to learn new techniques and implement their own ideas during four different project workshops.

The students of the program B.A. Graphic Design and Visual Communication had the choice between workshops on typography (Lisi Badia), screen printing (Prof. Rasmus Giesel), 3D design (Prof. Dr. Jan-Henning Raff) and character design/illustration (Prof. Christian Retzlaff).

The culmination of the event was a relaxed get-together and an exhibition of the works from the screen printing workshop in the HMKW media lounge. In addition, the students from the typography project group, together with external lecturer Lisi Badia, organized an exhibition at the Buchstabenmuseum Berlin. Here, the students presented their self-designed city posters and gave insights into their work process, which was preceded by intensive research in the streets of Berlin and in the Buchstabenmuseum itself. All the works shown were submitted to the 10 Years with Volotea competition. We are keeping our fingers crossed that our students will win one of the very appealing prizes. Good luck!