News from the Department of Design

Aesthetic judgments of Artificial Intelligence

die Gruppe des Workshops zu KI und Ästhetik

Prof. Dr. Jan-Henning Raff from HMKW Berlin attended an AI Innovation Camp at the end of March. In addition to inspiration and insights into the AI ​​field of machine vision, the head of HMKW Berlin’s Design Department also got the prospect of an exciting cooperation.

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Discussing menstruation in an exhibition

Zwei der Gewinnerinnen mit Ausstellungsorganisatorin Dilara Yilmaz (Mitte). Foto: Alexandra Wyrobek

„Don’t hesitate – celebrate“ – The title of one of the works shown at Dilara Yilmaz‘ exhibition could have been the motto of the entire opening event on July 27. Many visitors came to make the HMKW student’s exhibition dealing with menstruation a great success.

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Design project “Instagram Therapy”

Warum eigentlich?

M.A. Communication Design students from HMKW Berlin are currently working on a project that reflects the social network in a more humorous way. Their Instagram posts invite users to digitally "detox“.

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