Stills from the Future – The future can be fun and plastic

Valentina Almarza, student of M.A. Communication Design, picked a highly charged society topic for her master thesis: the climate change. With her speculative design approach, her investigation depicts future scenarios of a world that surpassed all climate tipping points.

Student:Valentina Almarza
Department:Design, Campus Berlin
Mentors:Prof. Rasmus Giesel, Jenny Bergström
Degree:Master of Arts

Winter term 2019/20

What will life be like in the future? In her master thesis Valentina Almarza pursues urgent issues that our society deals with at the moment. She offers possible solutions which are embedded into a utopian world. Her design concept takes a humoristic approach to the serious topic of climate change.

In her color-intensive illustrations and vector graphics she shows how science and technology could influence our lives in a positive way. However, she pushes the viewer to question the presented ideas and concepts, to take action and dedicate oneself to climate protection. So that the worst case scenarios will never become reality.