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Bachelor and Master Theses in the Department of Design

Visualization of a pandemic: Covid-19

HMKW graduate Svea Hansohn at the exhibition of her Bachelor thesis in HMKW's own exhibition space Galerie Hundert.

In the wake of the Corona pandemic, the preparation of statistical data for information purposes took on a new significance. What had previously rather been the preserve of specialist scientific publications now had to be presented for a mass audience. Svea Hansohn made this the subject of her thesis.

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Why so panicky? An illustrated book about panic attacks

Max Bartram's project is dealing with the sensitive topic of panic attacks. Anxiety disorders are widespread, and it is of significant relevance to further address this topic to mitigate stigmatization. He decided to approach the topic in a lighthearted way, mainly by using a vibrant illustration style and designing easy-to-understand spreads of images.

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Augmented Reality in the field of Influencer Marketing

[Translate to englisch:] HMKW Frankfurt: Success Story Design: Augmented Reality im Influencer Marketing

Curiosity, enthusiasm and a dose of less perfectionism - this attitude combined with a good work ethic brought Paulina Elsner, graphic design student at HMKW Frankfurt, a permanent position at Media Monks in Amsterdam. She started with an internship in spring 2020 and now works for IMA in the augmented reality department and is also writing her bachelor's thesis about this topic.


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Dance Notation: Exploring a new visual language

How can dance movements be translated into a visual language? In her bachelor thesis Elansa Czech has been investigating potentials for a radically new dance notation. How can a visual abstraction of dance add to the creation of a playing field and to the analysis of movements? Her research is based on the analysis of older dance notations from Rudolf von Laban and Pierre Beauchamp amongst others.

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