Winter lectures for prospective students - free of charge and without obligation

In the Winter Lectures you will gain insight into exciting topics from the fields of journalism and humanities, psychology as well as marketing and management.

On top you will learn more about the respective creative study programmes at HMKW, you can interact live with lecturers and student advisors and get practical tips on how to prepare for your application and study at HMKW.

Participation is free of charge and without obligation. You want to register or have questions? We are looking forward to your e-mail to Online-Lectures (at)


Winter Lectures in the Department of Journalism and Communication

Tue, February 9 | from 1 pm to 2 pm | M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing (interactive lecture, in Englisch)

The Role of AI, Bots and Fake Followers in PR & Digital Marketing (Prof. Dr. Kim Murphy)


The aim of this short interactive lecture is to understand new terms such as AI, machine learning, chat bots, social bots and fake followers, and the important differences between those terms. You will learn about bot communication and the functions that different bots (e.g., social bots vs. chat bots vs. political bots) have for PR and digital marketing (some ethical, some unethical). Finally, the issue of fake followers is a major challenge for brands investing in influencer marketing. We will discuss the efforts of this and how they can be identified.

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Tue, February 16 | from 3 pm to 4 pm | M.A. Digital Journalism (interactive lecture, in English)

Social Media & the News (Prof. Dr. Tong-Jin Smith)


We'll be looking at social media and how journalists and media outlets adapt and respond to this ecosystem. After a short introduction we will discuss the theories and concepts.

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Winter Lectures in the Department of Psychology

Fr, February 26 | from 4 pm to 5 pm | M.Sc. Business Psychology (interactive lecture, in Englisch)

Diversity in Teams (Prof. Dr. Silja Kotte)


Most work is done through collaboration in teams. Due to societal trends like globalization, digitization and demographic change, teams are becoming increasingly diverse. You might find yourself working on a project with a team of colleagues from around the globe. Diversity of team members is often claimed to make teams more effective: Diverse teams are expected to think more creatively and make better decisions. And diversity also makes collaboration more challenging: It increases the likelihood of misunderstandings and conflict. In this interactive lecture, you will learn about the opportunities and challenges of collaborating in diverse teams, how organizations and leaders can support such teams, and what you can do yourself to effectively collaborate in diverse teams.   

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Winter Lectures in the Department of Management and Business Studies

Wed, February 3 | from 3 pm to 4 pm | M.A International Marketing and Media Management (interactive lecture, in English)

Why are we aroused by advertisements? Emotions, humour and the element of surprise (Prof. Dr. Thomas Kilian)


Emotions guide our decisions. An effect that is being used more and more frequently in the advertising industry. In his lecture, Prof. Dr. Thomas Kilian explains to what extent advertising specifically evokes feelings such as joy or surprise, and how advertising messages are transported in a targeted manner.

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Winter Lectures in the Department of Humanities

Tue, February 23 | from 4 pm to 5 pm | M.A Visual and Media Anthropology (interactive lecture, in English)

Studying Digital Culture and Documentary Filmmaking Online (Prof. Dr. Undine Frömming)


This contemporary Masters program equips you with in-depth knowledge of visual and media anthropological themes in order to prepare you to become a future leader in the fields of digital media, artificial intelligence, the film industry, and governmental and non-governmental organizations. Distance Learning is offered via LMS Canvas with daily live-streams of classes with lectures, presentations and discussions.

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