Summer Lectures for prospective students - free of charge and without obligation

In the Summer Lectures you will gain insight into exciting topics from the fields of journalism, game and graphic design, psychology as well as marketing and management.

On top you will learn more about the respective creative study programmes at HMKW, you can interact live with lecturers and student advisors and get practical tips on how to prepare for your application and study at HMKW.

Participation is free of charge and without obligation. You want to register or have questions? Our Berlin student advisory team is looking forward to your e-mail to Online-Lectures (at)


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Summer Lectures in the Department of Journalism

Summer Lectures in the Department of Design

Mo, August 31 | from 2 pm to 3 pm | B.A. Graphic Design and Visual Communication / M.A. Communication Design and Creative Strategies (interactive lecture, in English)

Creative Coding – live (Prof. Dr. Jan-Henning Raff)

In this workshop we code creatively, from simple shapes to interesting interactive configurations. See how easy it is to code for design. No coding experience needed! We will use – when connecting to this workshop, please use a computer (not a smartphone) to follow along.

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Summer Lectures in the Department of Psychology

Wed, August 18 | from 3 pm to 4 pm | M.Sc. Business Psychology (interactive lecture, in English)

Value systems of management ‐ learning how you lead (Prof. Dr. Marc Lucas)

Each successive system of value orientation can be experienced as a frame of reference for meaning making through which people pass on the way to other states of equilibrium. When a person is centralized in one such state of existence, he has a total psychology which is particular to that state. His feelings, motivations, ethics, belief systems, as well as preferences for and conceptions of leadership and the ideal organisation, and even his preference for economic theory and practice as a whole, can be described appropriate to that dominant value orientation. In this lecture you will learn about how two meaning making processes and related core value orientations typical for contemporary western culture shape (your) conceptions of ideal leadership and organisation and watch a short sample movie of how a manager would typically behave if such values were the core values of a company.

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Wed, September 8 | from 2 pm to 3 pm | M.Sc. Business Psychology (interactive lecture, in English)

Diversity in Teams (Prof. Dr. Silja Kotte)

Most work is done through collaboration in teams. Due to societal trends like globalization, digitization and demographic change, teams are becoming increasingly diverse. You might find yourself working on a project with a team of colleagues from around the globe. Diversity of team members is often claimed to make teams more effective: Diverse teams are expected to think more creatively and make better decisions. And diversity also makes collaboration more challenging: It increases the likelihood of misunderstandings and conflict. In this interactive lecture, you will learn about the opportunities and challenges of collaborating in diverse teams, how organizations and leaders can support such teams and what you can do yourself to effectively collaborate in diverse teams.

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Summer Lectures in the Department of Management and Business Studies

Wed, September 1 | from 3 pm to 4 pm | M.A International Marketing and Media Management (interactive lecture, in English)

Have no Fear: The Use of Statistics in Management Research (Prof. Dr. Thomas Kilian)

The use of statistical methods for research in most Master courses is inevitable nowadays. The first part of this summer lecture will outline the methodological challenges that students in the “International Marketing and Media Management” course will face and how the faculty at HMKW teaches research approaches and statistics. The second part will present results from one of the first Master theses that was produced in the programme. Focus is on the research motivation and the research design. Questions from participants are very welcome!

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