M.A. Visual and Media Anthropology

The postgraduate study program M.A. Visual and Media Anthropology was originally developed and offered at Freie University (FU) Berlin from 2010-2019. As of the winter semester 2019/20, it will be offered at HMKW Berlin.

This contemporary Masters program equips students with in-depth knowledge of visual and media anthropological themes in order to prepare them to become future leaders in the fields of digital media, artificial intelligence, the film industry, and governmental and non-governmental organizations. Distance Learning is offered via LMS Canvas and daily live-streams of classes with lectures, presentations and discussions. The program aims to develop and shape leading voices in the cultural industries, including museums and galleries, film festivals, news and social media, and other institutions involved in the production of art und culture.


TypeDistance learning (flexible e-learning in virtual classrooms, webinars etc.)
DegreeMaster of Arts (M.A.)



Tuition fees4020,- € per semester (16.080,- € in total for the two year's program)


4 semesters (2 years)


Winter term (October)

Ideal Candidates

Applicants: This program is aimed at students who have an undergraduate degree in any subject and have already have gained work experience relevant to their field of study. 

Target jobs: Documentary filmmaking for TV and online channels, indigenous media, the new media industry (education games, social media applications and mixed-reality-environments), immersive or virtual reality-technology industry, vr storytelling for educational games, film broadcast & online video industry with a focus on news coverage about cultures worldwide; anthropological questions of artificial intelligence, social analysis of robotic technology, museum and art industries (curators, artists), jobs in governmental and non-governmental organizations in the sector of sustainable development and capacity building in developing and emerging countries with a focus on media usage.

Program Structure and Modules

  • First Semester: Basic Modules (30 CP): Visual Anthropology, Media Anthropology
  • Second Semester: Profile Modules (30 CP): Basics and Varieties of Ethnographic Film Production, Communication/Mediascapes, Applied Visual & Media Anthropology
  • Third Semester: Project Modules (30 CP): Internship, Film- or Media Project
  • Fourth Semester: Supervision Courses (30 CP)

Information material

Information flyer (pdf)
Master brochure (pdf)

How to Apply

Please apply from January 25, 2021. The application period ends on April 15, 2021.


For admission requests, please e-mail vma[at]hmkw.de

Entry requirements 

  • A very good degree (university or university of applied sciences) 
  • A minimum of one year of work experience (internship, jobs, projects) subsequent to the completion of the undergraduate or first degree. This work experience should be related to your first degree or to some sort of media practice.
  • Proficiency in English (fluent in both written and spoken) is a must
  • Participants should have basic technical skills in film, video or photography
  • Participants must have adequate electronic equipment in order to deal with various multimedia materials; high-speed Internet access, a fast computer and a personal email account are compulsory. Owning a basic digital camera is recommended.
  • plus internal assessment process


Ackerstr. 76
13355 Berlin

Prof. Dr. Urte Undine Frömming

Head of Program




Prof. Dr. Roger Horn



+49 30 838 57459


Heike Philp

IT System Support





  • Dr. Albrecht, Judith | Vita
  • Aubry, Gilles | Vita
  • Blankholm, Laura Na | Vita
  • Coons, Jeff
  • Dr. Curran, Mark | Vita
  • Dölling, Mark | Vita
  • Ercan, Mehmet | Vita
  • Findeisen, Janina | Vita
  • Gaedtke, Felix | Vita
  • Goddinho, Leandro | Vita
  • Prof. Dr. Frömming, Urte Undine | Vita
  • Prof. Dr. Horn, Roger | Vita
  • Kendall, Blake Paul | Vita
  • Krahnert, Frauke | Vita
  • Dr. Lawrence, Andy | Vita
  • Ledésert, Côme | Vita
  • Mekonen, Salomon | Vita
  • Liberman, Tami | Vita
  • Dr. Neis, Dalia | Vita
  • Parameswaran, Gayatri | Vita
  • Petersen, Kristian | Vita
  • Piersing, Karina | Vita
  • Dr. Reichel, Christian | Vita
  • Rossner, Lidia | Vita
  • Rühling, Barbara | Vita
  • Voigt, Christina | Vita
  • Terry, Mike | Vita
  • Dr. Walter, Florian | Vita
  • Dr. Wanono, Nadine | Vita