Cooperative Study Programs

Unique in Germany: cooperative study programs at the HMKW!

We are the first, and until now, only university of applied sciences in Germany that offers a cooperative, practical training-integrated bachelor program, which was specifically developed for media studies. Within four years, this study program leads you to an associate degree in association with the German chamber of industry and commerce (IHK), as well as a bachelor’s degree.


These five bachelor programs are offered as a cooperative study form as well:

  • Digital Marketing and E-Commerce (dual)
  • Graphic Design and Visual Communication (dual)
  • Journalism and Corporate Communication (dual)
  • Media and Event Management (dual)
  • Media and Business Psychology (dual)


The cooperative study form consists of eight semesters, which are parted into both practical training-integrated and theoretical phases. During the training-integrated phases, the students gain intensive and comprehensive hands-on experience. With their theoretical knowledge and practically applied skills, these students then take their exam with the IHK after seven semesters. When passed, the students get an associated degree while writing their bachelor thesis at the HMKW, as:

  • Digital Media Designer
  • Audio-Visual Designer
  • Management Assistant for Marketing Communication, optional: Management Assistant for Event Organization
  • Management Assistant in E-Commerce


Besides a certificated associated degree, students attending our cooperative studies gain a great deal of experience for their future job fields while still in college. This gives them excellent conditions for their start in day-to-day working life. The economy is always looking for young people with academic and practical professional competencies.


The interface between theory and practical experience is one of the biggest challenges that our young generation has to face in their everyday working life.


The cooperative study program optimizes the combination of integrated-job training and academic learning, giving a maximum number of chances for a successful career entry. It combines the most important components of  successful occupational and academic training: creative thinking and practical perfection.