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M.A. Visual and Media Anthropology

We are excited and proud to announce that after many successful years at Freie Universität Berlin (FU), the distance-learning program M.A. Visual and Media Anthropology will relaunch at HMKW Berlin in October 2019!

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New Erasmus+ partner Hogeschool Rotterdam

Sitz des neuen Erasmus+-Partners: Rotterdam. Foto: Skitterphoto auf Pexels

HMKW University of Applied Sciences has recently signed an Erasmus+ Program agreement on Mobility for Higher Education Student and Staff with the esteemed institution Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

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Machine learning can predict the quality of relationships

Prof. Dr. Inga Großmann lehrt seit April 2019 am Fachbereich Psychologie der HMKW Berlin.

Starting in April, Prof. Dr. Inga Großmann will be teaching in the Psychology Department of HMKW Berlin. Shortly before starting her new teaching assignment, she has published a study on machine learning and satisfaction in relationships on the PLOS ONE science and peer review platform.

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Aesthetic judgments of Artificial Intelligence

die Gruppe des Workshops zu KI und Ästhetik

Prof. Dr. Jan-Henning Raff from HMKW Berlin attended an AI Innovation Camp at the end of March. In addition to inspiration and insights into the AI ​​field of machine vision, the head of HMKW Berlin’s Design Department also got the prospect of an exciting cooperation.

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Master students visit media companies in Hamburg

die Master-Studierenden aus Berlin zu Besuch bei Initiative Media im Hamburg

On January 23 and 24, Master students from HMKW Berlin and their Professor Dr. Ingo Knuth went on a field trip to Hamburg, where they visited unique media, technology and advertising companies as part of the "Emerging Media Markets" module.

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