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HMKW publishes video about the city DōngGăng

Still aus dem Video: HMKW-Student Boyun Wang fährt durch die Stadt DōngGăng.

A HMKW production team from Berlin and Cologne has finished a video feature about the city DōngGăng in the province of Liáoníng, right on the border with North Korea. See the result of the intercultural city marketing movie project here.

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PR Evening on "Fake News"

Prof. em. Bentele in der Gesprächsrunde mit HMKW-Studierenden und dem Publikum

The fact that "Fake News" is not a new phenomenon was shown by the emeritus professor of public relations / PR chair at the University of Leipzig, Günter Bentele, at the third PR Evening at HMKW Berlin.

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