Success Stories Department of Management and Business Studies

From a HMKW student to a sales manager in the field of ambient advertising and social media marketing

Alumna Lea Kämpken ist jetzt als Sales Managerin tätig.

At this year's graduation ceremony, alumna Lea Kämpken (B.A. Media and Event Management) was awarded for one of the best theses. Congratulations! In her thesis, she examined street art and street art events in brand communication in detail. After graduation, she was able to seamlessly tie in with her research topic: she now works as a sales manager at the Cologne-based agency Perfectly Placed Media.

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Social media marketing and strategic storytelling at the agency StoryMachine

Tessa Behrens arbeitet als Associate Director bei der Social-Media Agentur StoryMachine in Berlin.

Tessa Behrens successfully completed her bachelor's degree in Media and Event Management and will soon complete her master's degree in M.A. International Marketing and Media Management. In addition to her studies, Tessa Behrens has already worked for Apple Retail Germany and has since gained a foothold at the social media agency StoryMachine, which specializes in strategic storytelling for top international brands, personalities and political institutions.

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The facets of event management: from agency life to public service

Meret Gesierich successfully completed her dual degree in media and event management in 2019 - and was able to join a full-service event agency straight after graduation. But then suddenly a lot of flexibility was required, due to the pandemic that intervened. Fortunately, Meret was able to change jobs quickly and found a permanent position as an event manager in the field of press and public relations. In this interview, she told us more about her current job and the advantages of the dual study program at HMKW.

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HMKW alumna founds own publishing house Ulila

Depicting society as it is - that is the vision of Nicola Boyne, winner of the HMKW Media Scholarship and graduate of the dual B.A. Media and Event Management program. In a guest lecture, she told HMKW students about how she and a friend founded the book publishing company Ulila and successfully launched their first Wimmel book.

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Online marketing & event management at the startup Mindfulife

HMKW Frankfurt Success Story: Online-Marketing & Eventmanagement beim Startup Mindfulife

At the Frankfurt-based startup Mindfulife, Ivona Rimac worked intensively on the topics of mindfulness and meditation. Due to current conditions, she worked from home and acquired new knowledge in the areas of online marketing and search engine optimization. Ivona is studying Media and Event Management at the Frankfurt Campus.

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International customers at a crossmedia agency

Success Story mit Lisa Tinnes (Medien- und Eventmanagement in Frankfurt): Internationale Kunden bei crossmedialer Mediaagentur

Lisa Tinnes is studying Media and Event Management in her fifth semester at HMKW in Frankfurt. With her fifth semester she started an internship at AdAlliance (IP Germany) for the team "Interactive Solutions". Currently she works from home and creates digital concept ideas for clients like Ferrero or Disney.

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Career start as event and project manager at the agency facts and fiction

Katharina Mahler ist jetzt als Event- und Projektmanagerin tätig. (Foto: © Ariane Meyer)

Katharina Mahler successfully completed her studies in 2018 in the subject B.A. Media and Event Management. Her career start went completely smoothly. After an internship at the Office of the Federal President she was able to start seamlessly at the communication agency facts and fiction. Today, she works there as an event and project manager.

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Career start as a SAP consultant at IBM

Janina Rebhahn ist heute im Rahmen ihres berufsbegleitenden Masterstudiums als SAP Consultant im weltweit agierenden IT-Konzern IBM tätig.

In 2018 Janina Rebhahn completed her studies in Media and Event Management successfully at HMKW Berlin. In the interview we asked her about her career start, her career goals and her current job position as an SAP consultant at IBM as part of her extra-occupational master's degree.

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Working student in the marketing department at Viacom

Hannes Adam

Hannes Adam is a 5th semester B.A. Media and Event Management student at Campus Berlin. He recently finished his internship at the international media network Viacom and is now continuing his work there as a student trainee. Here he talks about his experiences at the company.

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From Chongqing, China to Berlin

Boyun Wang

Boyun Wang is in his 5th semester of his Media and Event Management course at HMKW. In 2013, he came over from China to study in Germany. Berlin has now become his second home. For his future, Boyun envisions a career in event organisation. In this interview, the B.A. student tells us about his studies at HMKW and life in Berlin.

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