Museum 2.0: Communication Designers develop innovative concepts for Märkisches Museum

History is tedious? No way! In this semester students of M.A. Communication Design evolved new concepts for Märkisches Museum in Berlin-Mitte. On Thursday they presented their ideas to the museum team which was very keen on the students’ fresh perspective and their ability to think outside the box.

The AR-App could contribute to a better interaction between artefact and audience.

The AR-App could contribute to a better interaction between artefact and audience.

Whether a creative augmented reality app, new room concepts or cultural mediation via audiovisual media: Our students were bubbling over with ideas. For one term they focused on contemporary exhibition concepts in the course “Creative Design Processes” (led by Prof. Nora Bibel) and visited museums like the Futurium and the Pergamon Panorama.

Interactive and "instagrammable"

How can history be made accessible to younger generations? And in what way can modern technologies contribute to a more interactive storytelling? The students discussed these and many more key questions intensively. During their presentations they addressed so-called “pain points” of the museum. They focused on aspects that have high potential for improvement. Their designs are characterized by a high degree of sophistication and diversity.

Creative Input for the future Märkisches Museum

The museum team, above all curator Peter Lummel, was very enthusiastic about the final presentations and the fresh ideas of our up-and-coming designers. The Märkisches Museum plans to renew the exhibition concept in the coming years. The creative input of our students is appreciated a lot. In the following weeks the museum management wants to have intensive talks with individual students about an implementation of some ideas which were presented.