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Journalism Master students visit Bundestag

On 25 October 2016, students from the M.A. Convergent Journalism at HMKW Berlin visited the German Bundestag to learn about the political developments in the country’s history.

The field trip was organized by Prof. Dr. Markus Ziener as part of the Business/Politics pathway. The guided visit was followed by discussions on the history of Germany, as well as its current system of governance. 

Farah Wael, an international Master student from Cairo, Egypt, reflects on her experience of the visit:

"Our class trip to the Bundestag was a very interesting experience for me as an international student just starting out in Berlin. What was really curious for me was the architectural history of the building; while the exterior may have looked practically the same for years, the interior has changed. Like Germany, it has been through its ups and downs, but is now a modern figure, that borrows and enhances its history. I really appreciated the symbolism of that and what it meant for the country itself nowadays. I believe that this trip was a great way to start the semester, timed perfectly with our classes on German history and politics."

Excursions are a regular feature of HMKW’s curriculum.