Graduation ceremony 2018 at HMKW Berlin

At the weekend the graduation ceremony 2018 took place at HMKW Berlin. Around 60 graduates of both the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs of all departments were given a heartly farewell.

All graduates gathered on the stage for the photo of the obligatory tossing of the doctoral caps.

Last Saturday, many young people may have felt differently than usual when entering HMKW Berlin in the old AEG building at Ackerstraße 76. The reason for the visit on a weekend day was the graduation ceremony 2018 and thus the solemn termination of one's own studies. The event program started at 3 p.m. with the try-on of the personal gown and doctoral cap. Solemnly dressed this way, the graduates of all four departments together with their professors entered the event hall at 4 p.m., where their relatives already awaited them. HMKW-rector Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Schulz warmly welcomed all guests and opened the ceremony with his speech. This was marked by "kit and grit": Not only professional networking, but also social cohesion and, moreover, a good deal of persistence and obstinacy were helpful, if not essential, ingredients for a successful career.

He then gave the floor to guest speaker Mrs. Gerda Meuer, Program Director of Deutsche Welle. The journalist, who led the Deutsche Welle Academy for ten years until 2013, referred in her witty and personal speech to the change driven by the new media, in particular the journalistic profession and the media world in general. The advances in digitization and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are associated with losses and risks, but also create opportunities and new perspectives - perspectives that are now opening up for our graduates and opportunities they can seize.

After these two motivating speeches, the bachelor and master graduates of all departments were asked onto the stage and seen off personally by their professors. The student authors of the best theses received a special honor from the professors of their departments: Mr. Tobias Peil in B.A. Graphic Design and Visual Communication, Ms. Camilla Fortkord B.A. Journalism and Corporate Communication, Ms. Vuong Hoang in B.A. Media and Event Management and Ms. Nicola Antes in B.A. Media and Business Psychology. Looking back and at the same time forward, Mr. Nurhan Hayta, graduate of the B.A. Journalism and Corporate Communication, took a congenial look back and forward in his farewell speech. But not only farewell was on the program this day: As part of the celebration, professor Rasmus Giesel, the newest addition to the Design Department at the Berlin location, was welcomed. The closing ceremony was followed by another emotional highlight: a thank-you film by employees of HMKW for the alumni, directed by HMKW camera lecturer Sarah Meister. After this, all of the graduates gathered together on the stage for the quasi-obligatory tossing of the doctoral caps. The event was rounded off with sparkling wine, orange juice and a delicious buffet.

We wish all Berlin graduates all the best for their personal and professional future and cordially invite you to "stay tuned" in the alumni network of HMKW!