Semester exhibitions in July

This July, for the first time, all three HMKW locations will host semester exhibitions. Students will showcase their current works and projects.

This July, all three HMKW locations will host semester exhibitions.

While the semi-annual semester exhibition already has a long tradition in Cologne, HMKW Berlin will celebrate its third edition; the Frankfurt campus will present their second exhibition.

Both Frankfurt and Berlin will open their exhibitions on Friday evening, July 20. While Frankfurt will showcase projects by students in their first and second semester of B.A. Graphic Design and Visual Communications, the Berlin exhibition will involve all four departments, Design, Journalism and Communication, Psychology as well as Management and Business Studies.

HMKW Cologne, which will open its show on July 27, will present projects from the department of Design as well as audio-visual productions from the department of Journalism and Communication.

All HMKW semester exhibitions are open to the public, admission is free of charge.

All dates:


HMKW Berlin: July 20, starts 7 p.m.; July 23 - 27

HMKW Frankfurt: July 20, starts 7 p.m.

HMKW Cologne: July 27 + 28, starts 5 p.m. and 11 a.m. respectively

Impressions from past exhibitions: