Guest students visit Berlin and Frankfurt

After two weeks of working intensely on their own media productions at HMKW Cologne, the guest students from JAIN University visited the other two HMKW locations Berlin and Frankfurt in order to continue their summer school program in Germany.

The guest students visiting the Reichstag in Berlin.

In addition to their visit at Deutsche Welle in Bonn, the exchange students from Bangalore/Bengaluru (India) also visited the Berlin-based station of the German public international broadcaster, which is located almost next to HMKW Berlin. Back at the campus, the students participated in an introductory workshop to HMKW Berlin’s own tv studio, standing in front of as well as behind the camera and working with the multi-camera production system and the editing software. On Friday, they participated in a lesson on eye-tracking experiments with HMKW’s chancellor Prof. Dr. Ronald Freytag. During a walk through the government district with journalism lecturer Jost Listemann, the guests from India visited the Reichstag building, which houses the German parliament, the well-known landmark Brandenburg Gate as well as the Holocaust Memorial. Together with representatives of HMKW’s students, lecturers and employees, the exchange students spent their last evening in Berlin in a summerly, sportive ambience playing beach volley ball.

The last stop of their stay in Germany was Frankfurt (Main), where another part of HMKW’s team welcomed the students: HMKW’s rector Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Schulz, Prof. Dr. Sabine Schiffer, student Lukas Kolig as well as research associate Tanja Bozovic and employee Yared Abdeta Debelo took care of the guests from India and offered them entertaining leisure time activities: After checking in to their hostel and a shopping trip across Frankfurt’s exciting city center on Saturday, the students went on a boat trip on the river Main on Sunday. During the guided tour the guests and the hosts got to know each other better and compared notes with each other about the preceding three weeks in Germany. Afterwards they visited the big East Harbor Festival, which takes place every second year in Frankfurt's Ostend quarter. Enjoying live music at the crowded, joyful festival was a felicitous ending to a very special and imposing journey.

A big “Thank you!” to our guests from Bangalore/Bengaluru in India, for their visit at HMKW, as well as to the entire organization team and all students, members of the HMKW’s students’ unions, lecturers and employees, who have contributed to the success of our intercultural exchange experience.