First Conference Paper from HMKW Master Program

Henning Breuer, professor for business psychology, and Vaishnavi Upadrasta, first generation master published a conference paper that demonstrates the potential of research-based learning at HMKW.

Vaishnavi Upadrasta and Prof. Dr. Henning Breuer (HMKW Berlin) have just published their first conference paper. Photo: Sarah Meister

The case study on "Values-Based Product Innovation in the Case of Tata Nano" was developed based on discussions in the classes of "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" that Ms Upadrasta and her fellow students had selected as one of three major subjects within their masters program M.A. Business Psychology (a major that is unique and rare for psychology master programs in Germany).

Their paper examines how values of different stakeholder groups impact innovation in products, and how business models are changed once different sets of values are adapted. Doing so it unfolds a new, values-based view on a most ambitious innovation project to build the "cheapest car in the world" that was once considered a "symbol of Indian-style socialism".

Professor Henning Breuer now presented the paper at the annual conference of the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM). More than 400 worldwide leading academic and corporate experts of innovation management attended this year's ISPIM Innovation conference in Vienna.


Link to the paper: