Deutsche Telekom project task for HMKW Master students

At the beginning of December, Cologne HMKW students of the study program M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing received a project task from the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom in Bonn.

The HMKW students with Prof. Niemeyer at the table in the Content Factory of the Deutsche Telekom headquarters.

Experience digital corporate communications live and take a concrete work assignment with you: The students of the new master's program M.A. Public Relations and Digital Marketing visited the Content Factory of Deutsche Telekom in Bonn with Prof. Dr. Katja Niemeyer. At the beginning of the study trip, they took part in the morning round in the Content Factory, in the presence of the head of communications Philipp Schindera, experiencing first-hand how digital communication works in real-time. Twice a day, the head of communications and the channel and project managers discuss, which developments need to be responded to spontaneously, which topics are to be displayed on which channels at what time and where synergies can be used. Deutsche Telekom sees itself as a pioneer of digitization and was one of the first major German companies to implement the concept of the Content Factory - comparable to a newsroom in major media companies - for which it has received several awards.

However, HMKW's master students were not invited to "just" to watch, but after a brief refreshment in the cafeteria, they were given four very specific work tasks by communications officer Björn Muscheid. The students will work in teams until the beginning of January, coached by Prof. Niemeyer. The focus of the module "PR Communication Fields" is on the digital media work and thus the cross-medial, integrated online mediation of topics to the relevant target groups. What is important to consider is best experienced by working practically on a specific task. We are curious to see what the HMKW teams will be presenting at Telekom on 8 January, 2019.